Regional Journalism, Problem Solving, Time Needed!

 The pen is the forerunner of the evolution of human civilization. The pen is better because of the knowledge of things where it is available. The Almighty has made the pen a means of disseminating knowledge.


Therefore, the owner of the pen should respect the pen in all circumstances and should not write anything against the morals and dignity of the pen if a person disrespects others with his pen. If it causes immorality and heartbreak, then it means that this time he does not even realize the trust that has been given to him by the pen. 

The pen is a trust, it can be broken by the power of oppression, but it cannot be twisted. In any case, the lines of this column are meant to knock down the houses of power. The difficulties of the people associated with journalism have increased to such an extent that now these difficult conditions are becoming a source of solace for the journalists. 

Provincial governments seem to promise to solve journalists ‘problems on a priority basis, but the situation is such that journalists’ problems are solved and reduced. Instead, the problems of regional journalists, especially the hundreds of journalistic organizations in the country, are still in need of solutions. At the same time, he is struggling with health, children’s education and the economic situation to light a fire in the house. 

When he raises his voice against justice, oppression and corruption through pen, it is suppressed by various negative tactics and even violence and murder are not avoided. Resolution of rights and problems of regional journalists The steps being taken by the government, media houses and journalists’ organizations for the country can be gauged from the fact that even today the regional journalist is fighting to improve his economic situation while fulfilling his journalistic duties. There is no divine light to correct one’s economic situation 

The measure of a journalist’s ability to represent any regional journalist in a journalistic organization is simply to determine the extent to which he or she can assist the organization in business. And how much money can be given as collateral to the institution? That is why instead of real journalists, money has come to dominate in journalism. Journalists belonging to the journalism industry are now forced to work on the payroll of capitalist journalists. This is a question mark over the role and functioning of journalistic institutions and journalistic organizations. This is the society that seems incapable of giving the journalist its rightful place. Even the big journalistic organizations expect business from the regional journalist instead of rewarding him. While the society puts a shackle of blackmailer around his neck. 

This situation is very heartbreaking. Hundreds of journalists’ organizations are working in the country at the moment, but despite this, Ala-Qai journalist is still helpless. He is facing serious problems like threats, murder, violence, and baseless cases. Defamatory behavior is adopted. So far, no significant steps have been taken by the government, journalism institutes and journalists ‘organizations to make the regional journalists feel safe and secure, and this unfortunate situation of the regional journalists is a matter of concern for the media houses and journalists’ organizations. 

Regional journalism has a key role to play in curbing oppression, injustice, and corruption, which is why the government should take concrete steps to ensure that the government resolves its rights and issues. Journalists will be honored. Journalist organizations, according to their own manifesto, when they are behind them for the welfare and protection of journalists, then surely the government will never be able to turn a blind eye to the problems of journalists. Realizing the difficulties and problems of journalists, concrete practical steps will have to be taken