Only one thing interferes with my thinking … That is my education. I have the ability to think critically and imitatively.

Education, knowledge, teacher, and learning … Apparently, in thinking and seeing, these four words seem to be related and related to each other. But !!!! Is that really so ???

Looks like it’s just a hoax to our eyes. If you clarify the true intention of the truth, it will become a little bitter … Anyway, if it has become more poisonous than poison, then you will not find any sweetness or sweetness in the words. Yes, she was saying “education” and knowledge. “Knowledge and world”. Does education give consciousness? Or does knowledge give consciousness?

Education is what they get when they get it and label themselves as literate. And they get pieces of paper which we call degrees and on the basis of which we get jobs.

Does education raise awareness? If I am asked for my opinion, I totally deny that education gives consciousness …. __ I have never seen so many rotten human beings in my life. Those who sing the melody of the Qur’an are ignorant.

Let’s move on to knowledge … Does knowledge give consciousness?

  • Yes, knowledge gives consciousness …
  • Knowledge
  • The quest to get …
  • Knowledge
  • Is thirsty
  • Knowledge
  • Sweetness and sweetness
  • Knowledge
  • I have a legacy of prophets
  • Knowledge
  • There are philosophy and the self

Just give a little trouble to the minds … Did the Qur’an ask you to study somewhere? Did the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) ask you to study somewhere? no

I don’t remember saying that

Yes !!!! I remember saying that get knowledge even if you have to go to China … I have seen a lot of knowledge in these studies Mian! The power of knowledge is not bestowed on everyone, nor is the ornament of knowledge adorned on every soul. My Lord chooses whomever He wills.

He lifts it from the ground and places it in the sky. It changes the times … makes it golden … Or suppose he puts it on the red … Knowledge expands … irrigates thoughts … And strengthens the soul … the door of knowledge, the son-in-law of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), the father of the good and the noble But it is necessary.

Make the pursuit of knowing your companion. Be thirsty for it, as if you were a desert and a well of knowledge of water.

Irrigate, keep on irrigating … you will become very deep and silent but you will become coins … knowledge gives maturity

The person who changes in every decision of life is also a human being. Make a decision and think a lot … When you do, stand on it like a rock, no matter how many storms come your way, don’t waver … God is the one who opens the way … Believe me, knowledge emits magical rays which penetrate deep into the soul and give relief and the intoxication of this comfort does not subside for the rest of one’s life.

If this color goes up, it doesn’t go down …

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