Physics IX Notes Chapter 6 Work Power and Energy

 Physics IX Notes Chapter 6 Work Power and Energy


Q.2 Define energy? Also, give its different types?

            Ans. energy:- The ability of a body to do work is known as the energy it’s unit the same as work that is jouled.

            forms of energy:- different types of energy are given below.

(1)    Chemical energy:- energy which is obtained during chemical reaction and burning of substances is called chemical energy eg burning of wood coal and petroleum etc.

(2)    Nuclear energy:that type of energy which produced during nuclear reaction is known as nuclear energy for an example process of nuclear fission.

(3)    Radicand energy:=the energy of electromagnetic waves is called radiant energy . for example radio waves microwaves x – rays etc have radiant energy.

(4)    Electrical energy:-that type of energy with the help of which we can operate different electrical equipment is called electrical energy.

(5)    Internal energy:the the energy of atoms and molecules which is usually in the formula kinetic energy and potential energy is called internal energy.

(6)    Mechanical energy:the the energy produced by moving parts of a machine is called mechanical energy.

(7)    Kinetic energy:the energy produced in a body during motion is called kinetic energy.

(8)    Potential energy:energy possessed by a body by virtue of its position is called potential energy

(9)    Heat energy: a form of energy which travelers from one body to another body due difference of their temperature is called heat energy.

(10)Sound energy:the energy that gives the sensation of hearing is called sound energy.

PDF Full Chapter 6 Conceptual question and numerical problems.

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