office automation dit notes ms PowerPoint

  office automation dit notes ms PowerPoint

office automation dit notes ms PowerPoint
office automation dit notes ms PowerPoint


Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 is a presentation graphics program for posting computer screen slideshows, transparencies, printed handouts, or presentations on the web. This workshop is designed to help new and existing PowerPoint users gain a basic and intermediate understanding of the newly designed PowerPoint interface for 2007.
Participants will learn how to insert text, graphics (including using drawing tools and adding images and word art), movies. Print tables, transitions, animations, hyperlinks to web pages, print presentation handouts, and convert the final product to HTML so that the presentation can be viewed from a web page or blackboard. Tips for creating professional-looking presentations will be offered, such as using Slide Master to create consistency and intensifying your efforts to work with fonts, styles, and colors.

Applying a design template

PowerPoint is packed with a variety of design templates that you can use to set Also provide me the background of your slides and color schemes. Follow or Follow Instructions below to apply the design template:
  • 1. From the Slide Design area of ​​the task pane, scroll down and look inside this area The different design templates available to you (note: may vary depending on the choice) How many installs did you have during PowerPoint installation). If you want to see More than that you preview the design templates which you can see in two columns, space Hover your mouse over any template and click with the arrow attached to it. Design template and select large previews. (If you want to return to the preview, as usual, select Show larger previews again.)
  • 2. If you want to see what a particular design template looks like when you are assigned a PowerPoint presentation, click on a specific design template and you will see a slide The design applies to slides. If. If you don’t like the style of the design template, just click on another option Slide design area. Another way to assign a design template is to move your mouse forward Click on the specific design template and the arrow attached to it.
  • Then select either Apply to all slides or apply to slide slides. (If you choose PowerPoint to apply Slides design template, make sure you select Slide Shift You want the design template to be assigned before it can be assigned to the normal view slides tab To apply them.) When. You can see the name when you place your mouse over the slide design Special template. PowerPoint uses the .pot extension to indicate your design Templates. PowerPoint can assign any of these design templates to your slides. However, for the purpose of this tutorial, please select the labeled slide design Mountain Top.

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