Mother Love

Mother Love

“Mother” is a word that cannot be pronounced without the combination of both lips. As soon as we hear the word mother, our hearts and minds are refreshed as if the rain refreshes the barren land. A home without a mother always looks deserted. Allah Almighty gave the mother the status of placing heaven under her feet.

Mother’s love is that deep sea, the depth of which no one has ever been able to measure and will never be able to measure. Mother’s love is that mountain of the Himalayas whose heights no one has been able to touch till today, mother’s love is that everlasting flower on which autumn never comes, the mother is sacrificed for her children.

Writing about the mother is like closing the sea in a jar. The love of every relationship can be expressed in words but the love of a mother is indescribable.

Mother is a combination of three letters, but the whole universe is within her. Proof of the greatness and greatness of the mother is more than that, when the Almighty God claims His love for man, He makes the mother an example for him.

The mother is the one who is rewarded like Hajj just by looking at her with love.

A man carried his mother on his shoulders and performed seven Hajj and said, “Today I have paid my dues.” Then a voice came from the unseen saying, “You have not paid your dues even for one night when you wet the bed in your sleep.” It was your mother who laid you down in a dry place and she herself lay down in a wet place.

It is said that if there is a measure of the beginning and end of love in the world, it can be found in just one word and that word is “mother”. All the relationships in the world are on one side and the eternal relationship like a mother is on the other side. A “mother” is the beginning of love that carries her child in her womb for nine months. In these nine months, with every passing moment, she becomes a complete prayer for this child to come into the world.

The child who has not yet come into the world does not go through any hardships for the sake of it, but it is possible that even the slightest doubt for this child may come to his forehead which will cause him pain before he comes. ۔

After the death of his mother, Prophet Moss (peace be upon him) was about to converse with God when he stumbled and fell on the way. Take care, there is no praying mother behind you now. Prophet Moses (peace be upon him) once asked Allah Almighty who will be with me in Paradise? It was said that he would be such and such a butcher. You were a little surprised and went in search of this butcher. There he saw a butcher selling meat in his shop.

Finishing his business, he wrapped a piece of meat in a cloth and left for home. Moses asked permission to visit the butcher’s house as a guest to learn more about the house. When he reached home, the butcher cooked the meat, cooked the bread, softened the pieces in the broth and went to another room where a very weak old woman was lying on the bed.

The butcher barely supported him and lifted him into his mouth. When he had finished eating, he wiped his face. The old woman said something in the butcher’s ear which made the butcher smile and lay the old woman back down and came out. Moses who was watching all this. You asked the butcher who this woman was and what did she say in your ear that made you smile? The butcher said, “Hey, stranger!” This woman is my mother. When I come home, I do his work first, this day happily praying to me that Allah will keep you in paradise with Prophet Moses (peace be upon him) on which I smile where I am and Moses Kaleem Allah Where.

There is no true and sincere relationship in the world except mother. Mother is the most trustworthy, compassionate and selfless loving great being, in whose cool shades of compassion and love we all forget the sorrows and pains of the world. The mother never lets her children suffer, the mother’s tender hands are always raised before God for her children.

The mother is the one whose blessing is not a substitute, the mother is like a dense tree that hides all her children under the cool shade of her motherhood in the scorching sun of misery. Only a mother can give such love. Even if the whole life is named after him, even if the right is not paid, he cannot be rewarded even for one night.

Where the mother is mentioned, it should be understood that the place of literature has come. Allah may have created the mother knowing that when a loser is tired of failures, he should take refuge in his arms and tell his mother all his sorrows, pains and sorrows, and when the mother lovingly touches his forehead Kiss all his worries and anxieties.

The mother carries an ocean of compassion and mercy inside her. As soon as she sees her children in trouble, the mother’s heartaches. The waves of the ocean of love inside him start beating and take away all the sorrows. Mother is like a moon. There is a moving form of God’s love on earth. Love and goodness are also hidden in the mother’s scolding.