Mother Essay in English

Mother Essay in English

Mother is a great blessing of God, and through her, God trains and protects us. Because apparently God cannot be our helper everywhere, that is why He created a great blessing for us like a mother. To this day, no human being has been born more compassionate and loving than a mother.

The mother is the one who gives birth to us and takes care of us. The mother’s relationship is one of the most respected in the world. That is why most of the life-giving and respectable things in the world are called mothers. In addition, the mother has been considered a symbol of love and sacrifice.

History is full of details of many incidents in which mothers sacrificed everything for their children while enduring all kinds of grief. That is why this mother’s relationship is still considered a respected and important relationship all over the world.

A mother is a pure person who becomes barren herself but after taking proper care of her children, she guides them and makes them like fertile land.

Mother is always happy in our happiness. She doesn’t want any wealth, she just needs the love of her children. Mom always thinks about the happiness of our family. She works for us day and night, but she never says I’m tired or that I can’t work anymore.

No one else can sacrifice as much as a mother does. The mother begins to take care of us before we are born. She suffers unbearable pain at the time of our birth, yet she is happy to endure all our suffering.

As a child, she cares for us, ignores our ignorance, and forgives us. Mom wakes up early in the morning, she feeds us on time, prepares us to go to school on time. She does the housework all day. Then when we get home she smiles and asks us about her movements and after we all go to sleep she falls asleep. Only a mother can do such a great job.

Ever wondered why mom does all this for us? Because she loves us more and more. He is not like other people in the world who love you for selfish reasons.

Mom is our first teacher. She gives us a good education and makes us a good person in the society. She stands by us in both failure and success. When we are discouraged, she walks with us like a beacon of hope and guides us.

If mom does a lot for us all her life, we have to do something for her. Take care of her all the time, she should try to give all the happiness she is giving us till today.

We should take mother’s prayers every day because when we get her prayers then we don’t need to reach out to anyone. A mother also has the courage to face every major disaster to protect her child. A mother can bear all the suffering herself but does not allow any kind of trouble to her children. For these reasons, the mother is considered a great blessing of God on earth and that is why the saying “God cannot be everywhere, so He created the mother” is very popular.

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