Marketers say link building is their most effective SEO strategy [study]

Most marketers surveyed in a recent study said that building links is their most effective SEO strategy.

These data were published in the state of the 2018 SEO survey conducted by Zazzle Media.

The survey is designed to help people in the search engine optimization industry keep up with work progress, how much budget is allocated for organic search, how people work hard, and so on.

In addition to link building, respondents also listed technical fixes and internal link improvements as the most effective practices available today.

Surprisingly, matching the anchor text exactly is said to be the least effective strategy.

So the main content here is that link building is worthwhile, but SEO should ensure that the anchor text is not a very important keyword.

Other major findings
The survey shows that more than a quarter of marketing budgets (28%) are devoted to organic search engine optimization. Two-thirds of respondents said that the budget is sufficient to achieve the goal.

However, as many as 58% of respondents believe that budget and resource shortages are the reason why their company has not invested more in SEO activities.

Although SEO has enough budget to achieve the company’s goals, it sounds like more effort into these efforts if possible.

When setting goals, increasing conversions and sales is the primary goal of most SEOs, which in turn increases traffic and brand awareness.

Despite an increase in voice search, only 24% of respondents said this is part of this year’s search engine optimization strategy.

Zazzle Media reached out to more than 30,000 marketers to compile data for their 2018 SEO survey status. This is the first in an annual study of the industry.

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