Life of Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan

Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan


  • Date of Birth: April 1, 1936
  • Place of Birth: Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India
  • Residence: Pakistani Capital Islamabad
  • Citizenship: Pakistan
  • Spouse: Hani Qadeer Khan
Life of Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan




Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, a Pakistani scientist, and inventor of the Pakistani atomic bomb, was born into an Urdu-speaking Pashtun family in Bhopal, India. Abdul Qadeer Khan returned to Pakistan in 1976 after studying at the University of Leuven. Abdul Qadir Khan received his Masters of Science from the Netherlands and his Doctorate of Engineering from Belgium on May 31, 1976, at the invitation of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. Participated in the nuclear program. Later, the name of the institute was changed by the President of Pakistan General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq to Dr AQ Khan Research Laboratories on May 1, 1981. The institute is prominent in uranium enrichment in Pakistan. Founded Kixit School in 2000.

Abdul Qadeer Khan was prosecuted by the Dutch government for stealing important information by mistake, but when professors from the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom, and Germany reviewed the allegations, they recommended the acquittal of Abdul Qadeer Khan. Has been charged with embezzlement and is in the public domain, after which the Dutch High Court honorably acquitted him.

Abdul Qadeer Khan is a renowned scientist who, in a very short span of eight years, worked tirelessly to install a nuclear plant to the amazement of world-renowned Nobel Prize-winning scientists.

In May 1998, Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan requested Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif to conduct an experimental nuclear detonation in comparison to the Indian nuclear tests. He conveyed the message to the whole world that we have made Pakistan’s defense invincible. Thus Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan became popular all over the world.

The Western world called the Pakistani atomic bomb the Islamic bomb as propaganda, which Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan gladly accepted. During the Musharraf era, Dr Abdul Qadir accused Pakistan of supplying nuclear material to other countries and remained under house arrest for the sake of the country. He has also written more than 150 scientific research articles.

In 1993, Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan was awarded the honorary degree of Doctor of Science by the University of Karachi.

Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan set up a charity called Sachet, which is active in educational and other charitable activities.

During his stay in the Netherlands, Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan married a local girl, Honey Khan, now called Honey Khan, with whom he had two daughters.

Candles burn in every color till dawn, until dawn… Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan 

Have you asked me the reason for my silence?

There is a reason why I do not say anything

In 1961, when I set out to study at Berlin’s most famous technical university for higher education, I thought of the situation in Germany.

I will inform the Pakistani people especially the students. At that time, the office of the daily Jang was on Burns Road, Karachi. During college (DJ Sindh Government Science  College) I always used to pass in front of this office. I came here to meet Mir Khalil-ur-Rehman and get his advice. Taqi Sahib used to be the editor at that time. He immediately called Mir Sahib. Heard the name is now personally known. Mir Sahib had a handsome, fearful personality, was tall and his intelligence was evident from his broad forehead. He met very sincerely and liked my suggestion very much and said that I must inform the readers of the war from Berlin from there and thus I left for Germany. Berlin was then east and west The soapbox political turmoil just 10 days before East Berlin (East Communist Germany) wall had stood many German communists were running West to get away and the many VOPOS were victims of the militia bullets East Berlin Upstairs Russian MiG ships were breaking the sound barrier all day. My hostel was 15 minutes from the Branden Burger Tour, the gate, and very close to the Victory Column.

From there I started sending letters to the daily Jang under the name “Maktoob Berlin” which began to be published regularly during the war. This series continued for two years and I had predicted during the war that the Berlin Mayor Willy Brandt will one day become Chancellor of Germany, and he did so a few years later. In late 1963, I moved from Berlin to the famous Technical University of Delinquent in the Netherlands and stopped writing letters to Berlin. Due to the current situation, I thought why not try something new and write something on important issues of the country. I have always loved to write  and if there is anything important I will definitely write, just a habit #

It does not come out of the mouth of this infidel

Doesn’t mean people are unaware of my thoughts and feelings #

I am silent and it is known

As the saying goes,

See, whenever a person starts writing articles in a newspaper, people start looking for the purpose or the reason for it.

Guess if you have anything but us

There is peace in mourning

We all know that there has always been a contradiction between good and evil in the world. In the Qur’an, Allah Almighty has always warned about this and said that Allah Almighty  protects me from the evil of miscreants and oppressors. Some selfish, usurping people trample on the interests of the people for purely personal gain. The intoxication of power intoxicates them and by Allah they also deny the existence and power of Allah. Musharraf’s example is in front of you #

In every age man has committed atrocities

In every age man has been becoming God

But in the pride of being God, man does not become God even though he often forgets the existence of God.

The oppressors have understood this

Like there is no God in the world anymore

Pilots have our bureaucracy and sycophants of the hand to the status of God Musharraf was only FA have we typically recruit as a peon who had become our chief to develop a wrong way and vomiting we see it He used to give lectures to highly educated people and experts on economics, education,  foreign affairs, agriculture, industry and they used to shake their heads in front of him and say, “Wow, what a wise ruler (or The dictator’s method is that he does not choose his colleagues on the basis of flattery but listens to their advice based on their skills and knowledge and gives them all the help to complete important projects. There were rumours circulating about Musharraf complaining to his military colleagues that ” I am sad and worried that if the less educated or ignorant people do not understand me, then it does not matter, but the educated people do not understand me. ”The reason is obvious to you. There is a clear difference between pressing a gun and speaking of common sense.

Selfish and opportunistic people twist the false definition of such rulers and make it Plato. These are the people who undermine the foundations of the country. These people lie so much by following the method of propaganda of Hitler and his minister that the ruler starts believing it to be true and starts thinking of himself as a total intellect. Mujeeb-ur-Rehman had told a similar lie that the West Pakistanis had decorated the sidewalks of Karachi with gold bricks with the proceeds from the sale of jute. The lie was big and was accepted immediately. 

I came to Pakistan in the fourth week of December for Christmas. That was in 1975, about 33 years ago. I came at the request of Mr Bhutto and Begum, two daughters (7 years and 1/2 5 years) and I had to go back on 15th January. For the sake of Bhutto’s sincere request and the interests of the homeland, we did  not hesitate for a moment and gave up the best career, big salary and high facilities. The first salary here was Rs 3,000 after six months and the government did not make any offer.

God has bestowed a wonderful blessing on the honourable

Surprisingly, these are the people who make the heart of grief happy

The so-called expert scientists of the country filled the ears of Bhutto Sahib and Ghulam Ishaq Khan Sahib that this young ignorant boy has come to make you a fool. He described the complexities and difficulties of this technology and also that only three of the most developed countries in the world, namely the  Netherlands, Germany and England, have mastered it and they have mastered this skill after 20 years of hard work and spending about / 2 billion. Bhutto Sahib and Ghulam  Ishaq Khan Sahib were companions of insight. They did not doubt my sincerity, nor did I say anything wrong to them. Some people told me to tell them we would make an atomic bomb in three years. I refused to lie. They would determine their foreign policy on this statement and then they would be fed up and some famous scientists intended this. To put 2 or 3 thousand tons of flammable substance in a cave and put some radioactive substance in it and explode and Bhutto Sahib will be satisfied and his madness will end. Look, if politicians lie, it is their profession and they shamelessly practice their profession on the common people, but we scientists and engineers have a duty to always tell the truth according to their profession and conscience. I’ve always worked on the same principle and  never misrepresented #

I am truthful in my words

Truth be told, I’m not used to lying

The point is that I, along with my colleagues, made the impossible possible and in just 8 short years, and at great expense, made this backward country a nuclear power. Bhutto Sahib, Ghulam Ishaq Khan and General Zia-ul-Haq gave their full support without any fear or danger. Whatever is done with good intentions, sincerity and hard work, Allah Almighty surely gives success. With the help of Ms. Benazir Bhutto, this country became a missile power. At my request, they allowed me to acquire and launch a missile program from China and North Korea, in which General Mirza Aslam Baig and General Abdul Waheed Kakar played key  roles. It is noteworthy that if innumerable selfish, greedy, conscientious objectors are eating this country like hungry wolves but still very much  Sincere, pious and skilled people have been serving this dear country with heart and soul and are slowly keeping it on the path of development. Inshallah, with the help of these people, we will make this country a developed, prosperous Islamic state.

I have spent most, if not all, of my life. When I look at my life, I am relieved that I have served my beloved homeland to the best of my ability. I have not done any good to my country, but I have tried to do a little bit of the great kindness that this country has done to me  . I received higher education and technical skills in Europe for about 15 years and I wanted to use it for more important work in the  country. In 1999, I proposed launching the planet into space, but the FA did not approve it. However, I am proud to serve my beloved homeland. I have provided nuclear, missile power as well as innumerable educational and welfare institutions and in the hearts of the people of Gwadar from Khyber who love me.That is my greatest reward. A humiliated, treacherous foreign agent tried to harm me by wearing the presidency shell but failed in his nefarious intention and was humiliated and expelled from the Presidency. Can’t keep The people will cut it into  pieces and feed it to the eagles and crows. I belong to 170 million people and will always be and no one can stop me from serving my dear homeland  . We have before us golden examples of the sacrifices of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto. He died but did not trade the country and survived. This is the reason why I have to express my views from time to time on the subject of “till dawn” ie #

“Candles burn in every color until dawn”

 Crisis of the country – the result of pro-US policies until dawn; Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan 

You’re reading anything you’re thinking! Turning around, she goes towards terrorism and law and order. In this regard, we are going through a difficult period  . And my heart is constantly restless.

To strengthen the relationship of dead dreams with dead dust

A pain is constantly waking up to make the heart and soul beat

The news comes on TV. Suicide attack kills 31, injures more than 75, some in critical condition The president, prime minister and interior minister have strongly condemned it. The Prime Minister has ordered to pay Rs 300,000 to the families of the dead and Rs 100,000 to the families of the injured. It’s as if the United  States pays us about ہزار 5,000 per person for 160 million people, so it’s very easy to get rid of us. Think at least in times of inflation must be said with certainty about the five contingents family of three million (that reach right up to right or not, instead of a proper in such tragic circumstances The money continued to be paid in the form of a monthly pension so that the bereaved family members could have a steady supply of water I remember an old incident. Dr IH Usmani, the late Chairman of the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission, was a very capable administrator. He was very good and able to answer spontaneously. One day an American diplomat started advising him that you need to spend so much hard work and money on wheat cultivation. We have a  lot of surplus wheat and we will give it to you. 480 will be given free under the program. Dr. Usmani stared at him and said, “Your Excellency,  if the funeral is free, will all Americans commit suicide?” The face of this American was visible. 

Don’t buy us with your blood

Muslims are ashamed of that kingdom

Now it is time to end this problem amicably, with understanding. We still have millions of citizens who have seen the peace and order of the British rule  . You know that in a big city there is a British commissioner, a deputy commissioner, an IG police and a superintendent of police. Sometimes the  deputy commissioner is also local. These four or five whites maintain law and order in this way. Our old people still say with sadness how good that time  was. Have you ever considered what was the secret of this successful government? The secret was that the British always recruited people from the area and  assigned them to the local police. I remember there was a head constable in charge of our police station in Bhopal and all the soldiers were from our neighborhood. Head We used to call the constable Head Sahib. Any crime or culprit would be caught in a day or two. No crime has ever been solved. The murder of Liaquat Ali Khan, Mohtarma  Fatima Jinnah, Zia-ul-Haq and Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto could not be solved here. This is the case with all those other bombings and suicide attacks  . To date, no solution has been found. A few innocent people are usually caught immediately and released quietly a few days later.

The government in this regard is also hypocrisy in trying to put tribals hyn.bdqsmty they are unable to move, so  be prepared to fight the army and tribesmen scheme Actress exactly the way against Siraj al-Daula The British had fought against Mir Jafar and his followers and Tipu Sultan by Mir  Sadiq and his followers. The people are aware of the fate of Jaffar and Sadiq. All this is going on in the tribal area to please and appease the Americans  . I first traveled to remote areas in 1957 as a student and then in 1967 with my wife (foreigner)  . There was never a problem of law and order. When Musharraf started to be the poodle of America after 9/11 and to slap him on the back with western shawls Started and started military action against his own brave and zealous people and then burned alive thousands of innocent boys and girls in the madrassa of Lal Masjid by  phosphorus bomb. Then the Pathans also took up arms and the result was you. Just as the United States fled Vietnam and Russia fled Afghanistan  , so will the United States and its allies flee Afghanistan, and the wounds they inflict on their own siblings and children will never  heal. ۔

Many people are giving wise advice, political people want to straighten their ways, they are singing the government’s song with government posts and money  and sometimes they talk of understanding, but some very patriotic Pathans are very correct. And they are giving wise advice, but when the ears are closed, the eyes are closed  , the mind is veiled, then who listens to them. The most important requirement of the time is to form a committee comprising Rustam Shah Mohmand, Mr. Brigadier Mehmood  Shah, Muhammad Kamran Khan, Khalid Aziz, Amir Usman, Zahid Saeed and Prof. Muhammad Yusuf Bangash. You can do it,  follow it and get rid of this fistula. The committee includes former Governors General Ali Jan Orakzai and General Muhammad Arif Bangash and current Governor Owais Ghani can also play a very important role. General Orakzai had refused to become Musharraf’s Mir Jafar just as General Abdul Qadir had refused to become Mir Sadiq in Balochistan  .

The British era and the Bhopal police etc. were mentioned because the President of Naudero, the Prime Minister of Multan and the Chief of Army Staff of Gujjar Khan or the Adviser to the Ministry of Home Affairs of Sialkot  could not understand the issue as the locals there. Therefore, I hope that the President, the Prime Minister and the Chief of Army  Staff, who are sensible and experienced, will follow my advice and consult with the people I have mentioned. In this regard, I remember the guidance of Nizam-  ul-Mulk Tusi. He was the Prime Minister of the Seljuk Sultan Jalaluddin Malik Shah and Omar Khayyam and Hassan bin Sabah were his contemporaries and good  friends. Hasan ibn Sabah was famous as the old man of the mountain . They created an artificial paradise and fed people cannabis to this paradise Omar Khayyam was not only a great poet but also a famous mathematician and  astronomer. Nizam-ul-Mulk Tusi’s instruction to his officials was: “It is a sign of wisdom and insight to consult wise people, because it is possible that some people may  be more understanding than you in this matter and can guide you.” The rulers of the time should immediately consult wise and patriotic  Pathans to save the country from disintegration as soon as possible. As far as Afghan usurers are concerned, this statement of Sheikh Saadi alone is enough.

If the famine of the rivals subsides, it will be reduced to three annas

Zafgan spite of the Egyptians, the Egyptians zkmbuh trick amdz Kashmiri humidity of  bjzanduh cleavage Fishing

Some people are, were and will remain enemies of Pakistan. Together with them and the polytheists, the massacre of their own people will prove to be extremely dangerous for national security. The country is in a crisis because of Musharraf’s pro-US policies and looks at our misfortune that the rulers who came to power with a national mandate did not fully respect the aspirations of the people. We are ashamed and ashamed that this 170 million person and this country with nuclear and missile capabilities, and especially it’s capital Sierra Leone, looks worse and more horrible than Freetown and Ivory Coast’s capital, Abidjan. ۔ No one feels safe here. International organizations are urging all their staff to leave the country and especially their families to leave Pakistan immediately. Implementing the policy. International School Islamabad is deserted. This is the condition of this God-given kingdom. If you turn the pages of history, you will always see that the Muslim nation or Islamic country which befriended the infidels and polytheists and openly Deviated from the command of honour, their fate was very bad. Sharif’s betrayal of Mecca and the establishment of the Jewish state, the Arabs supporting the United States and the destruction of Iraq, Pakistan supporting the United States and the destruction of Afghanistan and its tribal areas, the Americans supporting Algeria and the destruction of the country We made the British military chief. The break-up of Syria and the establishment of Lebanon, the tragedy of Bosnia and Chechnya, the association of Indonesia with the United States and the establishment of East Timor ( ET ) as a  result betrayal of the British and the demise of the Islamic State of India are all living examples of God’s command that Jews and Christians can never be friends of Muslims.

When I was made an advisor to the government, I realized the situation to come and offered Musharraf a piece of advice on how to integrate the people of our tribal area into  Pakistani life. The aim was to eradicate terrorism and keep young people away from religious extremism. My advice was very  simple but very practical. I suggested setting up innumerable Vocational Training Institutes ( VTIs ) and hostels in our tribal area. These schools are close enough that children can come easily. Remote children should stay in the hostel. All young children should be admitted in it and each child should be given a monthly stipend of Rs. 500 (barely equal to six dollars). I was convinced that poor parents would send their children to religious schools as well as schools These children will become skilled forces in three years and gradually religious extremism will end and madrassas will not find suicide bombers. Foreign countries had provided a fund for development in the tribal areas and the amount of positive enough was like for the program’s success to the gun that specializes in used baby tools and instruments to take action and kill I. This program could have been set up very easily in 2 years.

We need top experts until dawn… Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan 

Our country is going through a very difficult situation at the moment. Leaving aside law and order, the biggest problem at the moment is the stage of financial difficulties.

After a lot of hard work, running and making many countries of the world sympathetic and accepting the strict conditions of the IMF, we succeeded in giving us

Received a loan of 7.6 billion dollars. It is like putting a little oxygen in the body of a dead person. How long will we be able to endure this hardship?

Only time will tell.

There are many reasons for us to get caught up in these difficulties and the newspapers today are full of expert interpretations on the subject. Some government wisdom tomorrow

Explain the reasons for your expert opinion and actions and some public experts point out all the weaknesses and flaws that cause us this difficulty.

Trapped in the swamp. The medication continues but the patient is dying. Due to being more skilled in economic matters, I have only a few

I would like to draw your attention to the solutions that can help us. We know that there is a huge gap between our exports and our imports. We have about ten billion dollars.

Import more goods and thus are always under severe pressure. Most imports are due to oil, but there are countless more

Which we can produce or make in the country. I know very well that if we work a little harder and solve this problem properly

So you can easily become self-sufficient by increasing the production of wheat and other grains, but if you try, you can also export just a few years ago.

Until then we used to export wheat, sugar etc. and even today we export rice but look at our misfortune and ignorance that today we are exporting wheat, sugar, pulses.

And you are importing more vegetables. Ginger, onions, garlic and even tomatoes are being imported. it’s a shame. As an engineer and scientist

I was aware of the problem and saw that in future we will face financial and economic difficulties and industrial development is the only solution.

A year ago, General Zia-ul-Haq was advised to start the automobile industry immediately as it is the backbone of industrial development. We need

That we start making cars, trucks, tractors, jeeps, bulldozers, motorcycles, etc. As a metallurgical engineer, you know that cars, trucks, jeeps

All kinds of metals and non-metallic materials are used in making it etc. Engineers are involved in moulding, machining etc.

You have to master it. Engines, vehicle start mechanisms, electronic controls, etc. are based on advanced technology. This work or industry cost us billions of dollars

Could have saved But this valuable opinion of mine was not listened to and the results are in front of you. Many years later he went to Japan and there to a large industrial company

I met the managing director, he had lived in Berlin and he was very happy to talk to me in German. He told me that he has been to Pakistan many times and

He was shocked and saddened to see that despite such a large country, despite such long distances, despite the need to travel and transfer goods

Despite spending billions of dollars, we did not invest in the automobile industry, which is the backbone of almost all industrial development.

To pierce my head with a stone. General Zia did not accept my important proposal in the interest of importers and not only the country but billions of dollars.

We have lost a good industrial base, just as the Kahuta nuclear plant has benefited innumerable important industrial fields.

And millions of dollars worth of defense products could be made. Similarly, an automobile industry would play a vital role in laying the foundations for an industrial revolution.

You see, there was talk of technology, but technology and science go hand in hand. That is why we are always talking about science and technology

I do Without science technology is blind it needs a guide and good advice. Since all the work of science is higher here

Education is the responsibility of HEC. That’s why I came back again and again and wanted to draw attention to the issues mentioned in a previous article.


Another important issue regarding the Higher Education Commission was former Minister Ishaq Khan Khakwani and my impressions. I had clearly stated that Dr. Ata

Rehman is my friend. I respect them. They belong to a very respectable family in Delhi and they played a significant role in the Tehreek-e-Pakistan.

Was At the written request of the late Prof. Saleem Alzaman Siddiqui, I personally went to the President Mr. Farooq Ahmad Khan Leghari for Dr. Hilal Imtiaz

When Musharraf offered me the post of Minister of Science and Technology in 2001, I refused.

He offered his name and suggested that he be informed and it was on my advice that he was made a minister. The purpose of establishing HEC was right but

Unfortunately, after 8 years of establishment and spending billions of rupees, the performance was deplorable in my eyes. Providing foreign magazines via the Internet

Or sending out countless people on stipends is not a big deal. For fifty years Deputy Secretaries and Section Officers have been doing this and thousands of students

Durin this time, I had received higher education in foreign countries. Professor Ata-ur-Rehman himself may have gone abroad under this method. I just wanted to say that

Despite all the claims, neither Dr. Ata-ur-Rehman nor any of his colleagues could do valuable work for the country. You are a young man of chemistry in Bangladesh

I want to tell you about Professor Abul Hassam. Professor Abul Hussam is a professor of chemistry at Mason University in the United States.

Poisonous metal arsenic ( Arscnic discovered the most useful and important way to separate the water). As a reward for this important work, he was awarded the National Academy

The Department of Engineering presented the Graninger Challenger Award , along with ڈالر 1 million and a gold medal. Of arsenic in water

Millions of people were suffering from severe illness due to the presence and everyone in Bangladesh was sick in Professor Abul Hassam’s own village.

He invented a filter system called SONO and it cost only 35 35. With the help of this filter millions of people in Asia and Africa now have access to this toxic metal.

Are protected from This is an admirable work. I wish HEJ Institute or HEC could show any such performance. You must also mention that ORS ie

Oral dehydration was also invented by the Bangladeshi brothers. Today, the use of this salt saves the lives of millions of people in the world.

He died of diarrhea and dehydration. Professor Abul Hassam received the award last year.

Also take the example of Singapore where the population is barely 4.5 million. The most severely crippling disease to Alzheimer previous days ( Alzheimer )

A pharmaceutical company has developed an oral medication that could improve the lives of hundreds of millions of people. This work is humanity Is admirable for

Another example is the invention of Andrew Benedek , a Canadian engineer . He has invented a filtration method that removes all water pollution

Happens. This is the same principle used in the diffusion method for uranium enrichment. Very fine perforated filters are made and approx

Holes in these filters range from a thousand microns to a ten thousandth micron. For your information, one micron is one millimeter.

One millionth of a meter. This invention purifies and reuses all wasted water.

Good example to use.

I will give another example of a small country like Cuba which has been suffering from severe US economic blockade for almost fifty years despite the fact that biotechnology and

Admirable progress in genetic engineering. You would be surprised that Cuba earns about ً 500 million a year from this technology. So do we

That’s the kind of skill you need to have.

We are fortunate that our country has lost Prof. Abdul Salam, Dr. Saleem Alzaman Siddiqui, Dr. IH Usmani, Prof. Baqi Baig, Prof. Ata-ur-Rehman,

He has produced great scientists like Prof. Raziuddin Siddiqui, Prof. Asghar Qadir and Prof. Riaz-ud-Din and Prof. Fayyaz-ud-Din and will produce them insha-Allah.

My point is that we need thousands of engineers instead of thousands of PhDs. There is a famous saying that development and wealth of any country

It is a living testament to the efficiency and expertise of its engineers. We desperately need millions of technicians. From those who object to our discussion

For the sake of objection and want to make a name for yourself, it is requested that you consider the following poem and remain silent.

How easily he has made himself famous

You have insulted someone greater than yourself

Remembering the past is a torment, Lord! Until dawn… Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan 

There are certain events in the life of all of us that we remember from time to time. Some events are very pleasant and some very painful.

When we remember happy events, we put a smile on our face and we are happy to remember this event in our heart. Such incidents usually happen.

Are short. In contrast, the memory of unpleasant events is very long and painful. Some memories are associated with the exam that the exam is very hard

There was severe anxiety and sleep deprivation. Some memories are associated with difficult and painful events that you will never forget Quickly get rid of it.

There were many happy events in my life and by the grace of Allah Almighty, their memories are still very pleasant. Success in education, marriage, childbirth,

His education, good decent job, arrival in Pakistan, successful completion of important work and providing invincible defense to the country and above all the people

Heartfelt and valiant and selfless love, but the worst and most painful event that still sticks like a dagger in the heart today is December 16, 1971 in the East.

Humiliating defeat and surrender of our forces in Pakistan. Every year, as December approaches, my heart sinks with grief. A mental anguish

I get sick. This is the darkest chapter of our history, the day and those who have forgotten or want to forget it are insensitive and if God willing this country

Even if it is destroyed, they will not have any pain.

In October 1971, I had completed and entered my doctoral dissertation. International magazine about his work for the last several months

I was publishing research papers in Jat, but for a few months I did not have peace of mind and did not feel happy at work. I had to finish a book, which

He wanted to present them on the birthday of his Dutch professor, Dr. William Burgers. I am internationally renowned in all the developed countries of the world

The professors had written essays for this book and he himself had written an essay and this book was published by a famous Dutch company which is a big

The event was attended by professors from Delft Technical University, USA, UK, France, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, etc.

Burgers were served.

When Yahya Khan ordered General Tika Khan to carry out army action in East Pakistan in March 1971, I was convinced that the people of East Pakistan were indeed

Terrorists are wreaking havoc there with the help of Indians. Gradually, as the newspapers and TV began to tell the truth, my mind became confused. I

Had seen the soldiers in the early days of Ayub Khan in Karachi and I had a lot of respect for them in my heart, but now when I saw the massacre of unarmed Bengalis, thousands

Seeing the pregnant girls and seeing the very sad pictures that the dogs were dragging the bodies of the girls and eating them, it was very sad. Arm with me

Dr. Abdul Majeed Mullah and his wife Dr. Ayesha were staying in the flat. He was doing his doctorate in medical science. They were from Dhaka and ours

They were good friends and angels. His two daughters were the same age as our daughters and were very good friends. Our relationship did not change, but

When they met, it was felt internally that a gulf was being created in the middle. When students and teachers of Beowulf University protested against Pakistan

When I organized the demonstration, I explained and postponed it so that students and teachers should not get involved in politics. Earlier, in 1965, I visited the Netherlands

I persuaded the famous Professor Dr. Day Young of Pakistan’s position by writing and talking in detail about Kashmir. That was during the war

Indians offered more perspectives. He thanked me and then started making balanced comments. Then came December 16, 1971

I also had to witness with my own eyes the darkest day when General Amir Abdullah Khan Niazi platoon sat in the field and lost to Indian General Aurora.

Were signing a letter of intent and surrender. I couldn’t sleep for many days, I lost my hunger and lost many kilos and I kept regretting that

Why did you keep me alive to show you this bad day? When the West Pakistani army launched the infamous Army Action in East Pakistan

This field was said by our late revolutionary poet Habib Jalib.

In the name of the bloody Bengal of 1971

Smelling love with pills

You are washing the face of the homeland with blood

I think you are getting lost

I’m sure you’re missing the destination

(On the occasion of the assassination in East Pakistan)

It was later learned from credible sources that the army arrested more than 100 Bengali intellectuals, killed them outside Dhaka and buried them in a mass grave.

Was I couldn’t believe it, but when I came to Pakistan and learned the details from the veterans and lower-ranking officers who worked with me

When it happened, my head bowed in shame. However, Musharraf used his own army against his own people and the innocent children in the Red Mosque

Phosphorus was completed by burning and killing with a bomb. It is sad to see the military operation against our own people in the tribal areas. Every news carefully

When I read it, I immediately remember this poem of my old friend Mohsin Bhopali.

That is why I listen to Mohsin carefully

Fiction also becomes a reality

I moved to Amsterdam in early 1972 to specialize in uranium enrichment. I was still saddened by the memory of December 16, 1971.

When on May 18, 1974, India betrayed the world by detonating a nuclear bomb and ignoring Bhutto’s repeated warnings, I became convinced that now

The very existence of Pakistan is in jeopardy and India will tear us to pieces in a few years. In September 1974, I made Bhutto a bomb

When offered, he immediately invited to come. He was told everything and went back, but when he returned at his invitation in late December 1975, some work was done.

No, when I told them, they asked me not to go back and stop and build an atomic bomb.

How much he worked for a hefty salary and what difficulties and conspiracies he faced is now part of our history. My colleagues and I did this in a very short time

Made the country a nuclear and missile power and made the country’s defense invincible. I gave billions of dollars in technology and didn’t get a penny, but

Now when I look at the current situation, I often wonder if this was the right move, the army that surrendered in humiliation and remained in prison for 2 years, which I did.

I saw Hindu soldiers eating sticks and kicks and the only one who benefited from my work was the one who treated his benefactor in this country.

It will be the darkest chapter in history. The technology was mine, I brought it and Pakistan did not spend a single rupee and we signed the NPT

Didn’t, yet the ruthless dictator tried to humiliate me. Failed and humiliated himself.

What a great honor you have

If I was humiliated in Bazm

Given the delicacy of the situation and for the sake of national interest, it is not appropriate to open one’s mouth and it is difficult for you to inform the judiciary of the facts.

That’s the question mark.

Will I be able to convince the court of this?

There was a hand and someone’s dead glove

It is a common custom in the world that if the army is defeated, the officers are dismissed immediately, but our officers were lucky not only to be honourably reinstated.

He was even promoted to higher positions. Fortunately for him and for us, he did not have to fight again.

The sentiments expressed by the late Ahmad Faraz when he visited the military museum in Dhaka still reflect the sentiments of all of us.


(Visiting Dhaka Museum)

Once this city was mine, the land was mine

They were dead people, they were my hands and arms

The land in which I wander helplessly

All the Sanams here were familiar to me

Who knew that age-old love affair

The heart was broken and the eyes were like water

Who knew that in this Tigris of love

It was like a bubble with us

I don’t know, it was a competition of the ungodly

That this politics was a ploy of the doormen

Like two half-broken lands

Murree unit was also a dream

This museum is a mirror of bad days

Which counts the layers of hatred

Somewhere, there is a warehouse

The sun is drenched in blood

Somewhere the bowed neck of the dead commander

Time to surrender in front of the enemy

God, take my sight away from me

How do I see defeat?

Ironically, look at the work I did that benefited me the most, and that instead of the humiliation of surrendering, I raised my head and walked straight.

Being able to, what they did to me can only be called Ehsan Forgetfulness. If Mr. Bhutto, Ghulam Ishaq Khan, General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq

And if Ms Benazir Bhutto did not allow this program to run and did not help and Mr. Mian Nawaz Sharif did not show courage and patriotism, then we all

According to the order and wish of Advani, they would have bowed their heads and marched in front of him with literature. The same prayer from the heart as December comes

The plea comes out.

Remember the past is torment or Lord

Take away my memory

Our proud intellectual heritage,,,, until dawn… Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan1991 

When I went to the famous Technical University of Berlin for higher technical education, the first thing I noticed was the lack of friends of my language.

And secondly, the absence of English newspapers and books. Every Sunday I would go to the train station and buy the famous London newspaper, the Sunday Observer.

There was news from all over the world. I also got the address of the British Council which was very close to the railway station

Both were barely fifteen minutes from our hostel. We could easily walk. There was a nice park in the middle, a lot to go through

It felt good. Later, I became very close to the only Pakistani student, Akhtar Ali. He was a very talented student of electronic engineering. California nowadays

I am living a retired life. There were more than eighty Indian students there compared to two of us Pakistanis.

DJ Sindh Government Science College Karachi D’or 1953, since 1957 the British Council in Pakistan Chowk during his few friends in Education

I used to go and borrow books from the library there, I knew the British Council had a good collection of books. When the British Council in Berlin

When I got the address, I was happy and I took innumerable information books from there and started reading and increased my knowledge. Me there

The most famous mathematician Prof. Dr. Alfred North Whitehead (got a very high chance of reading the Kingdom Alfred North Whitehead ) of “Science

And Essays on Science & Philosophy . This professor is the teacher of Bertrand Russell, the second most famous mathematician in England

Were dear friends The book they both wrote on mathematics is considered the Bible on this subject, its name is Principia Mathematica . You know

That Bertrand Russell was a staunch opponent of war and weapons and was very active for the independence of India, he also received the Nobel Prize in Literature.

Before I move on to the main topic, I would like to make a very important point. When 76 9 1 back in and uranium enrichment

When I started working, I saw that whenever our people used to write an article or a report, they would try to master the English language by writing the most difficult words.

Demonstrate that in this endeavor the original concept was often left behind. I used to call them and explain that skill is not that you use difficult language, skill is that

Present your meaning using very simple language. I would advise them to read Bertrand Russell’s little books

Read and see how sweet and important things he said in very simple language, still the same advice for those who have articles and reports.

Write They should not use bombastic words and use simple good words. This also makes the writing attractive and easy to understand.

See, Prof. Dr. Alfred North Whitehead was mentioned because he later moved from England to the United States and was a superior mathematician.

Became famous as a philosopher. One of his statements is a Christian message to our nation and those in power. The statement he made a hundred years ago

He could still be a beacon for us today. He said:

” In the conditions of modern life the rule is absolute: the race which does not value trained intelligence is doomed. Not all your heroism, not all your

Social charm, not all your wit, not all your victories on land or at sea, can move back the finger of fate. Today we maintain ourselves, tomorrow science

will have moved over yet one more step and there will be no appeal from the judgment which will be pronounced on the uneducated “

In today’s advanced age, the principle is ultimate that a nation that does not value and does not value its experienced and intelligent people

Instructive fate and destruction are written in the destiny of All the bravery, all the social attraction, all the humour, all the victories on the seas and on the land.

You can’t change the text. If we are able to solve the problems of our lives today, then science must have taken a step forward and made this decision

We will not be able to make any appeal against the uneducated, inexperienced nation. ”

This statement is almost a hundred years old. Our religion emphasizes education and knowledge more than any other religion. Fourteen hundred years ago ours

The beloved Prophet Muhammad ( peace be upon him) had instructed us to acquire knowledge in this way. “If you have to go to China to get knowledge”

So go At that time, China was considered to be a distant country on the other side of the world, and the Prophet ( peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him ) said:

Why not go to a distant country of India, go and get knowledge.

In another hadith the Prophet Muhammad that “the blood of martyrs and the importance of the resurrection of scholars use more ink will be equal.” Amir Ali  Interpretation

That knowledge increases by spending while wealth decreases by spending, knowledge cannot be stolen while wealth can be stolen, people have long life of knowledge.

They pray while the rich want to die soon. ”

Al-Tawbah verse 122 the tribe that Allah has directed the war will not be sent together, but a group of tribes

Stay back and preach the knowledge of the religion (religion and knowledge is meant) and warn the people when they come back to them so that they may acquire knowledge.

Here are the instructions to acquire knowledge and its importance is so high that some people instead of participating in jihad to acquire knowledge and Ordered to spread.

Bertrand Russell, whom I mentioned at the outset, was a very outspoken and courageous man, and in one of his books, he proclaimed innumerable unacceptable things in the Bible.

That is why they cannot accept Christianity because of this.

In one of his articles, he praised the progress of Muslims in science and wrote that Muslims in Andalusia, ie Spain, while higher

Universities were functioning and the quality of education and information was very high. At that time, people in European countries literally or figuratively used seventy leaves of a tree.

Used to cover The history of the world is replete with the names and deeds of Muslim scientists, while the scholars of Greece and Rome used all their intelligence.

Philosophy and the art of instrumentation were engaged in making weapons, Muslim rulers and experts were mastering science and technology to prove their mettle.

Approximately 750 to 1100 period until the three hundred years of Muslim scientists, engineers, and philosophers of the “Reign of time”. Many of them

Here are the names of some of the famous ones. Abu Abdullah Al-Battani (Astronomer, Mathematician), Abu Rayhan Al-Biruni (Astronomy, Mathematics), Alulofa Muhammad Al-Burhani (Mathematics), Abu Al-Nasr

Al-Farabi (Science, Philosophy, Mathematics, Medicine, Music, Sociology) Abu Ali Hassan Ibn Al-Hashim (Physics, Characteristics of Light), Ibn Al-Nafis (Medicine), Ibn Rushd (

Medicine, Music, Law, Philosophy), Ibn Sina (Medicine, Philosophy, Mathematics, Astronomy), Abu Marwan Ibn Zuhr (Medicine), Jaber Ibn Hayyan (Chemistry), Muhammad Ibn Musa

Al-Khwarizi (Mathematics, Astronomy, Geography), Omar Khayyam (Mathematics, Astronomy, Literature), Yaqub Ibn Ishaq Al-Kandi (Philosophy, Mathematics, Astronomy, Geography), Muhammad Ibn Zakaria Al-Razi (Medicine,

Chemistry), Naseer-ud-Din Al-Tusi (Science, Mathematics, Astronomy, Medicine, Religion), Abu Al-Qasim Al-Zahrawi (Medicine, Surgery), etc. and many other famous personalities have passed away.

You can find information about Muslim scholars (scientists, mathematicians, philosophers) in any good encyclopedia or good books.

In this regard, I would like to inform you about the famous historical city of Timbuktu in the north of Mali in West Africa, where twelve years ago there was a

High university where 25 thousand students from the Islamic world were several times I have been studying the history of the city. Very poor

But very good Muslims live, there are many mosques that are more than a thousand years old. At my request, Prince Karim Aga Khan repaired mosques and many more

South Africa has built a very good center for the preservation of rare and historical documents.

Do not be shy about asking to get knowledge and 11 years before James Ibn Ishaq Kindi was a reminder of the golden words “for us

It is right that we should never feel ashamed to accept the truth and accept and remember it no matter what the source. Those people

For those who attain the height of truth, this truth is nothing more than reality. It does not diminish honor or dignity

The one who seeks this (true truth) is humiliated. ”

As Muslims, we also know that God, the Lord of Glory, has repeatedly taught us to study and understand the workings of nature in the Holy Qur’an.

It is commanded to be obtained. Examples of this are found in Surah Ar-Rahman and Surah Ya-seen. At the same time, Allah, the Exalted, has commanded that the previous oppressors,

Learn from the instructive consequences of the disbelievers and hypocrites.

The word in the Quran about 250 roughly compared to the legal issues related to verses 750 to Allah Muslims in order that they

Study nature, think about it and do ijtihad and make scientific adventure an integral part of your nation. Religion other than Islam

Did not emphasize the importance of understanding nature and acquiring knowledge. I am here to speak to draw your attention to two verses of the Quran. ( 1) What

They do not see the camels, how We have created them, and how the heavens are raised, and the mountains, how they are raised.

Towards the sky, how it is raised, and towards the earth, how it is spread out. (Surat al-Ghashiyah, 2) . ( 2) Surely the creation of the heavens and the earth

And in the alternation of night and day are signs for men of understanding. (Surah Al-Imran, paragraph 2) . Another important verse in which Allah the Exalted said:

That is, the superiority, reverence and respect of the scholar is mentioned. It is the fortieth verse of Surah An-Naml.

Presto hundreds of miles from the royal throne of the Queen of Sheba Solomon  put them at the feet of the one than the most taqtujn

Expressed to take more time.

The purpose of this article to refer to a few verses tell us that the natural secrets of the Lord and our Prophet Muhammad gave us fourteen hundred years earlier

Western scientists have done just that for a few years, presenting it as “amazing” information and inventions. From all my students

It is requested that they take the time to study the translation of the Holy Qur’an so that they may know that our Lord knows every secret and He has revealed it in His Word.

It is clearly mentioned.

I have written this introductory article for my dear readers who are not familiar with our precious and golden intellectual heritage and have not had the opportunity to study.

Is. This is not for those who have been given more wisdom and experience by Allah than me and there is no shortage of such intellectuals in our country.

I will express my views on technical education in my forthcoming articles and also give some advice in light of my education and experience.

In addition, students, engineers and scientists will be able to benefit from them.

Technical Education,,,, Till dawn; Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan   

Education is a very important subject for every nation and country and so much has been written on this subject that one would be reluctant to try it further.

Is. Reports, Articles, Annual Reports, International Bank, International Monetary Fund and United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

I include all the details, such as how much money is spent on education, the relative number of educated people, the number of students in schools and colleges, and the number of these children.

Numbers indicate those who do not have access to education. Here, too, statistics have been repeated so many times in speeches and articles that some ignorant or less educated

People also tried to prove their worth by repeating them.

The general impression is that education is the cure for all ills. It is not and it cannot solve all the problems. Example of our friendly country Sri Lanka

We have where the education rate is about 98%, but poverty, unemployment and backwardness are gripping this country. Similar examples

Can be found in Eastern Europe and Latin America.

I am fully aware and aware that the people who have written on this subject have worked hard and sincerely and

They have tried to present the facts accurately and accurately reflect all the data. In this column (and later)

Much of what is presented in the columns is based on my personal opinion, which I have based on my own education and experience. others

It is not only difficult but almost impossible to refer to experts or cite their work because over time you remember important things, facts,

But the names of their writers are not remembered. Also, when you start writing on such a topic, then your own thoughts dominate other ideas

And something emerges that is consistent with our own education system and usable. The source of what I have written

It will be understood by experts who have been active in this field or who have done extensive study on the subject.

We know that since ancient times man has been trying to make the most of the earth’s resources in order to lead a comfortable and comfortable life.

Could pass As the development of the human brain increased, so did its needs, and man struggled to discover the secrets of nature.

Started to make life more comfortable with their help. Initially, the pace of development was a bit slow, but the last few decades have been amazing

Has happened There have been so many inventions and information in the last two centuries that their number has exceeded the number of human beings. Science and

There have been astonishing advances in technology, especially since World War II, when inventions and the mysteries of nature have been revealed.


Broke all records.

The unfortunate aspect of this story is that the source of all inventions and information is in Western countries. In other countries, only Japan excelled in every field of art

Proof of skill. Third world and developing countries are just users and they have to pay a heavy price for it and as a result

I myself have obstacles and shortcomings in their development. In this way, they are wandering in the dark and paying a heavy price for their ignorance and incompetence.

The situation in Islamic countries is no different or better than in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Even the Arab countries which have a lot

There are precious oil reserves and occupy a very important region internationally, they also do not make any significant progress in the field of scientific and engineering.

They have not been able to free themselves from the monopoly of the western countries. In these countries, whatever is considered the standard or model of development is all imports

It does not involve acquiring technology and using it in the country or modifying it according to one’s needs. Understand that a very important or complex plant or

They buy equipment and are trained to press and operate the buttons on them, and if there is even the slightest defect in the performance, they immediately

Gora Sahib Bahadur comes for a big salary and instead of a few minutes or hours he spends many days in luxury and goes away with a big salary after working. Western countries

The people I employ as mediocre technicians enjoy living as big engineers in Arab countries, living in big bungalows and

There are two employees working in the house. The money earned without taxes is used to buy good houses, otherwise a small house or flat

Wages 25, 30 years to pay. Acquiring technology in this way makes these countries subjugated to the western countries and they always do

Live at their mercy forever It is in the elimination of this policy and tradition that these countries prosper and survive. There is an urgent need for this

Let us make progress in the technical field with all our heart, soul and hard work and try to stand on our own two feet as soon as possible and join the ranks of the developed Western nations.

I can join, but there is little hope.

In the Islamic world, there is a great need for research and results-based research and there is an urgent need for appropriate institutions. This study not only social ( Social )

But also natural ( Natural ) is essential to scientific articles. In order to create such an institution, we have to say goodbye to the old traditional method

It is still prevalent in our educational institutions. Not only that, but there is an urgent need to provide students with modern practical and industrial research opportunities.

Go so that they can raise the standard of science and technology in Islamic countries as well as in Pakistan. The same is true of social studies. our

Thoughts, ideas, philosophies that are based on results obtained from other sources influence our intellect and develop them. Sorry about that

It is a matter of fact that foreign ideas, concepts, policies shape our way of life and ideas and make them subject to their own policies.

And we are not able to study nature on our own, try to understand its secrets and try to solve problems.


At a time when the world is moving very fast in the technical field, the situation in our country is pitiable and deplorable. Not only that, but it is a pity

Of course, in Islamic countries that are not only wealthy but also have educated and skilled engineers, their condition is deplorable and scientific.

And their progress in the technical field is certainly not admirable or enviable. It is important to keep in mind that without the necessary infrastructure and facilities

No progress can be made of K and the necessary skilled engineers. In order to achieve these goals, it is essential that advanced scientific and engineering

Educational institutions should be established. The scheme of setting up such institutions of higher learning in Pakistan in recent days was commendable, but unfortunately they were not implemented.

The procedure was completely wrong and the result was that not a single international standard institution was established in almost 10 years. This type of institution is a great one

Provid a good learning environment and highlight the spirit of healthy competition. New ideas and concepts in between negotiations

Come to the fore The first condition for the success of such institutions is the presence of highly educated and experienced teachers who are passionate about the students.

Encourage The establishment of such educational institutions does not mean producing clerks or incompetent scientists and engineers, but experts who are difficult and

Have the ability to find solutions to complex problems, have the courage to make decisions and guide their subordinates. Not that way

Not only can we make our future brighter, but we can also put our country on the path to truly rapid development.

We must not forget that the field of scientific and technical education is of a very special nature. It is also important to keep in mind that scientific and

Technical education is neither easy nor cheap. About 30 years ago, Mr. Derek Bock, President of Harvard University, the cradle and treasure of science and literature,

“If you think education is too expensive, please adopt ignorance,” he told the university’s philanthropists.

Take it. This one sentence revealed all the secrets.

I mentioned the warning of the famous British mathematician and philosopher Professor Alfred North Whitehead in my previous column and said that he gave a warning.

The nation that did not value its educated and experienced experts and did not walk side by side in the era of development, was destined to be humiliated and ruined.

Is. If we don’t act on it, things will get worse.

Our own Quaid-e-Azam who was neither a scientist nor an engineer, but Allah Almighty had given him immense intellect and understanding. He praised the development of Pakistan

The importance of science and technology for construction was described in these words. “Our people desperately need to master the scientific, technical field immediately

We need to strengthen the future of our country’s economy. It should not be forgotten that our competition is with the world which is very much in this directionIt’s fast flowing. “

I am aware of the fact that unless the quality of primary and secondary education is good, we will not create a strong, high scientific and technical society.

Can A ten-story building on the basis of mud is not even a one-story building.

Another thing that I would like to draw your special attention to is that it is a common misconception that the hole nation has the right to higher education.

Do This facility is not available even in the developed countries of the world and barely 2% of students succeed in getting higher education. This fact is on me

It became clear when I went to the lecture hall on the first day of admission to the Technical University of Berlin that the head of our department, Prof. Dr. Engineer Wagon,

After the introductory words, he said, “Dear friends! Look at the student in front of you, look at the one behind you, look at the one on your right and your left

Look at the side. Only one of you students will be able to get a degree from here. ” I was lucky to be successful. This thing

It is important to keep in mind that there needs to be a good balance between experienced and skilled technicians and experienced and graduate scientists and engineers.

Is. The secret of the development of all the developed countries of the world depends on the abundance of their lower skilled and educated technicians. These people are usually middle school

After (our high school) do a three-year rigorous technical course and become an expert workshop manpower. Some people take a three-year training course after sixth grade

By doing so, they become good workers. These people can read technical drawings and make all the parts. I want to repeat the same golden saying here that someone

Also the secret of the country’s prosperity and development depends on the performance of its engineers and reflects their expertise.

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