KPK Textbook Board Environmental Studies Class 9th 10th

KPK Textbook Board Environmental Studies Class 9th 10th book pdf download. National curriculum environmental studies grades IX-X pdf book download for kpk.

Environmental Education is a multi-disciplinary approach to learning that develops the knowledge, attitudes, values and skills for enabling the students to contribute towards maintaining and improving the quality of the environment in general and quality of life in particular.

The concepts related to environment and its associated issues although have been integrated and infused in various disciplines such as languages, social sciences, physical sciences and natural sciences for grades [-XII but the introduction of Environmental studies as an elective subject at the secondary level will indeed provide an opportunity to have a coherent, comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the issues related to environment and to move further towards acquiring a professional approach to address these issues.

Working towards a sustainable future requires planned production of goods and services to meet the human needs together with a more fair distribution of resources. In other words, the need of the hour is an education that prepares students not only to learn how to reduce the harmful effects of industry and new technology but also to challenge company policies that are harmful to people and the environment. Moreover, education should induce individuals to stop programs which are inappropriate and damaging, reduce over-consumption and waste, reduce population growth-rate, distinguish clearly between wishes and needs, and organize locally; nationally and internationally for appropriate changes.

Environmental studies should, therefore, be interdisciplinary and holistic in nature, with a focus on the learning process which has a socially critical approach to learning that recognizes the importance of changing both individual and society. Thus, a more broad and balanced menu of curriculum, textbooks, teacher resource materials and programs need to be developed to install skill development, citizen participation, the courage to admit and bear the pain of the present world, whilst at the same time keeping a steady eye on the vision of a better tomorrow.

Environmental Studies Class 9th 10th PDF

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