KPK Textbook board Drawing Class VI-VIII PDF Download

KPK Textbook board Drawing Class VI-VIII PDF Download

Section 1: Introduction

Societies today are learning drawing and art as a key cultural and societal need/responsibility for the betterment of society and individuals, recognizing that artistic expression is fundamental to humanity. Drawing and understanding help to create and preserve a cultural asset, it breeds imagination. Observing drawing skills strengthens observation skills, helps develop geometrical and analytical skills, and promotes and polishes aesthetic sense and definition of beauty and art.

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Understanding skills and drawing is a process of capacity building for society and will always be an important requirement for many professions, crafts, professions, sciences, other disciplines and industries. It is a means of representing our thoughts, meanings and ideas.

In our national curriculum, drawing has lost its relevance over the past decades. This new curriculum bridges the gap between available options and the needs of society, industry and the market. The curriculum, with its inherently flexible capabilities, reflects the fact that drawing and art are relevant to the context and derive their value, appeal and variety from the diverse talents of students and teachers.

For better access, this curriculum document will be translated into Urdu.

1.1: Philosophy Statement
Graphic thinking and expression can be provided by introducing drawings at the impressionistic stage. At this stage knowledge was acquired as well, and students’ learning and artistic abilities were enhanced through clear, simple and realistic concepts. Thus, to provide a strong basis for developing and establishing a lasting relationship between their intellect and emotions.

Drawing curriculum as an optional subject in grades VI, VII and VIII is designed to enable students to translate their ideas into graphic form in such a way that they can read, draw and critique drawings. Be able and use their reality for reality. Their thoughts and feelings. At the intermediate level, ie at the post-primary level, the skill level is kept simple but important.

Choosing the ‘Drawing’ option will lead students to higher grades in the field of drawing and art. This will help them to understand and be able to understand professions such as engineering, crafts, visual arts and product design. Will prepare For those students who are unable to continue their education, knowledge of this subject is a great way for them to be absorbed in the craft industry and in the professional industry that relies on and relies on accurate knowledge of the basics of drawing, art and design.

Will provide opportunity. Furthermore, reading this article will give students a sense of creativity and critical appreciation that can be usefully used in their social context.
An important philosophy of this curriculum is that it comes from learning and is strengthened through observation, action and practice. Therefore, repetition of tasks with gradual complexity at different levels is indicated as it is a sustainable way to master and polish one’s natural abilities.

KPK Textbook board Drawing Class VI-VIII PDF Download