Iqbal and the philosophy of self

Iqbal and the philosophy of self

Iqbal and the philosophy of self
Allama Iqbal, the poet of the East, is one of the brightest beacons in the revival of Islamic thought in the twentieth century. It is a fact that there are very few personalities in the literary history of the world who, like Allama Iqbal, have had such a profound effect on minds and turned the tide of political and social trends. 
His sermon Allahabad became the basis for the awakening of Indian Muslims. Allama Iqbal dreamed of Pakistan and made it clear that a separate independent Islamic country of Muslim non-India was to come into being with the “sword of God”.
It is Iqbal’s kindness and achievement that persuaded Quaid-e-Azam to become the leader of this struggle. Allama died in 1938, but his ideas are being used by Pakistan, India, Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan and the East as well as the West. Iqbal was

absolutely right: that I have refreshed my heart

From Lahore to Bukhara and Samarkand, the center of Allama Iqbal’s poetry is “Philosophy of Self”. 

He has presented the philosophy of the self in such a brilliant and unique way that by contemplating and then acting on it, not only individuals but also nations can bring about a revolutionary change in their lives. And instead of following Satan, they can return to the worship of God.

Now we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground.

Human Existence: Human existence is a combination of two things. One is his body, his “earthly being” and the other is his “soul”.

In fact, Nissan is working day and night to meet the requirements of “earthly existence.” He becomes so engrossed in this process that he forgets his “real being”, his “soul”. He goes a long way in food, drink, economic activity, family needs and other humanitarian matters. 

Gradually he becomes a materialist, a worldly man and eventually a devil’s worker. He forgets to fulfill the requirements of the soul. He forgets his Creator, his Lord, in the confusion of the world. He begins to worship material existence day and night. This is the state of “Nafs Amara” and it is a great disaster.

What is the human soul?

The real reality of man is his pure soul. Due to the human soul, it has got the status of masjid angels. The soul has to do with religion and compassion. 

This spirit sets it apart from other animals. The soul does not die when the body dies. She goes back to her Creator. And then man is responsible for worldly life. The “soul” cannot be satisfied by merely fulfilling the requirements of the body.

Iqbal’s philosophy itself is an antidote to Darwin’s Toxic Theory of Human Evolution:

Darwin said that man is an evolved form of animal. Animals and humans are one and the same thing. Man just made a little progress and reached the modern civilization. According to this, man has only animal instincts. There is no difference between man, sister, daughter and wife. Like an animal, man can mix sex with whomever he wants and whenever he wants. Like animals, humans should have no religion. It is as if the “animal” is the father of man, Adam. Therefore, this destructive ideology of “Darwin” has destroyed religion, literature, ethics, the dignity of humanity.

Iqbal’s “philosophy of the self” is a refutation of Darwin’s theory. And it is also an antidote to its toxic effects. 

Iqbal’s philosophy of self describes man as a higher being than an animal. It raises us above the animal way of life and shows us the way to mercy. Beyond the earthly existence of man, there is a great being who is not annihilated. The real purpose of human life is to please him.

So the secret is fiction, be visible to your own eyes, be

the secret of the self, be the translation of God.

Meaning of the self: There are two meanings of the self. One is that the self is praiseworthy, popular, acceptable, admirable, a good thing. It is free from all falsehoods. In it man strives to recognize the light within himself, he seeks his own originality. 

He embarks on a journey beyond self-satisfaction, and he fulfills his spiritual requirements, and thus reaches his Master, his Lord. This self is the ego of man, is honor, is pride, is the “I” within him, is his soul. And that is his true identity. 

Apart from the earthly being, the real purpose of man’s knowledge and mysticism is his soul. Due to this gnosis, the servant works day and night for the pleasure of his Lord. Instead of worshiping animal desires, man lives according to the will of the Almighty.

It also has another meaning: that when man becomes a priest of Nafs Amara, the self of such a servant makes him equal to an animal. In this state man becomes a slave to his ego. He forgets his inner light and worships the earthly being because of his worldliness and lust. Then this self is a bad thing, it is reprehensible and this state of self is very reprehensible.

Iqbal uses himself in these two demands. He urges us to give up the self-sufficient self and to adopt the self-satisfied self. In “Dawn of Dawn”, Iqbal says:

Drowning in self, heedless! This is the beginning of life. Get out of the circle of evening and dawn

The source of Allama Iqbal’s philosophy of self is ‘Surah Al-Hashr verse number eighteen’ of Qur’an Hakim. The late Dr. Israr Ahmed has testified to this fact many times in his lectures. The meaning of this verse is that when a person forgets his Creator and Creator Lord, then the Almighty also forgets such a person. He created man so that he could sink into his mind and seek his Lord. Let them see what the real truth is. 

The angels have made him prostrate. He is a lofty creature. He is not an animal, but he has made him the noblest of creatures, so he recognized his pure soul. If he looks inside himself, he will know that there is a great purpose in his life. Live your life in pursuit of this goal. But if man, instead of doing so, forgets his Creator and becomes a slave to the ego, becomes a worshiper of Satan, and works day and night to satisfy the needs of his earthly being. 

Then Allah removes such a person from His mercy and guidance, he would be rejected. When a young man becomes ungrateful to his Lord, he becomes fearless of God, then the inevitable result is that he forgets his origin and reality. Then he is immersed in Nafs Amara and Nafs Awara. This is a great loss. This is the greatest disaster. Iqbal tells Muslims:

Unbeknownst to you, every mirror is the last message of God in time.

He says that Muslims should not indulge themselves, their body and mind in pursuing Nafs Amara for only a few worldly things. If he is ungrateful to his Lord, then he is selfless. Then only man will be in deficit.

Therefore, Iqbal felt that the only way to bring Muslims back to the spiritual life from this great loss and mental displacement was in the alchemy ‘Philosophy of Self’. 

When they take the journey of return to the Almighty from the philosophy of self, they will prosper in both religion and the world. In his view, the cure for Muslim backwardness, slavery, ignorance and worldliness lies in “self-philosophy”.

Iqbal says: By

creating my place in the land of love, by creating a new age, a new morning and evening, my way is not rich, it is poor.

Features of self by making a name for oneself in poverty: 

The qualities of Iqbal’s Shaheen are the same as the characteristics of self-philosophy.

When a person starts his journey towards the destination of the most exquisite self, he possesses these attributes. He is also full of poverty and love. Then at the end of his journey he becomes a man of faith and a man of truth. Then he also sets other levels of self and becomes a true worker and accepted servant of God.

Achieving the sweet fruit of the self: Love is the land on which the tree of the sweet fruit of the self grows.

Without love, no human being can rise above Nafs Amara and determine the stages of Nafs Razia. The truth is that man cannot take the existence of Kha out of the mire of Nafs Amara and travel towards the soul of ‘Kho Di Mahmood’ without love.

Levels of self : Nafs Amara. نفس لوامہ۔ نفس ملحمہ۔ Self-satisfaction Self-satisfaction Self satisfaction

Nafs Amara: It means worldliness, materialism and satanism. Pride, arrogance and denial even man reaches the place of disbelief.

Nafs Lawama: When a person gives up materialism and starts the journey towards the pleasure of the Lord. He starts worship and austerities for the pleasure of his Lord. That is the way to become successful. 

This is the place when a Muslim realizes his true nature that he has given him an earthy being as well as an exquisite soul within him. 

It is necessary to recognize this soul and fulfill its requirements. The Lord created him for his worship. And that materialism and worldliness against the will of God is a bargain of loss.

Nafs Malhama: While traveling on the path of self and self-awareness, man comes to the place when good and pure thoughts start coming from the Lord. There is guidance from Allah.

Self-satisfaction: At this point man addresses God. He draws close to God and far from Satan. Man is blessed with peace of heart. Worldly pleasures and charms become meaningless. He rejoices in the pleasure of his Lord in all circumstances. There are no complaints.

Self-satisfaction: When the journey of devotion and self goes further, the Almighty becomes pleased with man. 

The servant succeeds in pleasing his Lord at this point of his devotion. A Muslim pleases his beloved Lord with his acts of worship and hypocrisy. Then he says to his servant, “You are my true servant.” I am pleased with your worship. Iqbal says:

Every moment is a new glory for the believer

In the character of speech, the proof

of A is neither in the throne nor in Lashkar-e-Sipah,

which is in the eyes of the dead Qalandar.

This is the place where God becomes so happy with His servant that He begins to make decisions according to the will of His servant. When man becomes powerful. At this point man begins to write his own destiny. It fulfills every purpose. Accepts every recommendation. The people submit their creations to him. At this last stage of the self, the servant becomes entitled to this appreciation of his Creator.

Allama Iqbal has said that famous poem for the true reflection of this place:


yourself so high that before every destiny, God Himself asks the servant to tell you what is your pleasure and

One can guess that the force of his arm

changes the gaze of a man of faith. Destinies

Allama Iqbal’s “Philosophy of Self” is the essence of his poetry. Achieved an independent homeland of Pakistan. By following this philosophy, we can turn our backs on our worldly life even today so that the mortal who has forgotten his originality, the requirements of his soul, Begin to nurture the soul.

In Surah Al-Hashr of the Qur’an, the kind of human beings whom He has disliked, we should leave the path of those human beings who have forgotten the Lord. 

That is the path of loss and total destruction. Iqbal teaches us to give mortal existence as much time as the human body has to live in this world and to give as much time to the purity of its “soul” as it has to live there with its Creator.

The adoption of Iqbal’s “philosophy of self” is the welfare of humanity. There is deliverance from Satan’s slavery. 

The truth is that by abandoning the path of materialism and narcissism and adopting Iqbal’s philosophy of self and according to Surah Al-Hashr we can take the path of pleasing our Lord.

In ‘Mystery of Self’ Iqbal says:

O Muslim! Thou shalt not forsake thyself, but build thyself in such a way as to lead to survival.

Your radiance is from the light of the self. If you strengthen yourself, you will have permanence.

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