I am good, you are bad

I am good, you are bad. There is a word. Self-preservation; self-realization.  He can’t give anything else and all this business is done in the name of common man, it is happening and maybe it will be ready. 

 The state lease is in the name of the common man but the power of attorney is being used by everyone except the common man.  According to Abraham Lincoln, the educated have heard that democracy is a form of government consisting of elected representatives.  
But Lincoln’s practical application of this statement is that any real or fake form of government in the name of democracy or democracy is a form of government that powerful people form for themselves in the name of the people and then rule over the people.  Self-preservation or personal, maneuvering, class and editorial protection.  If it changes, then every leading individual and institution is not only claiming to think about the public welfare all the time, but also the people while holding hands.  
Our constitution is not oral like the British constitution and it has been written from the very beginning that in the eyes of the state every citizen has equal status irrespective of class, region, race, color, sex and creed.  Parliament makes laws for the convenience, development and protection of the people.  Whether the government is empty, Nouri is an advocate of Muhammadan equality or an advocate for the establishment of the state of Madinah.  Not every ordinance is issued and he thinks how it can be more beneficial to the common man.  
have also noticed the slogans or muzzles written above or below the official olive flags of state institutions.  The Mao of the Government of Pakistan is “Faith, Unity, Discipline”. The motto of the National Assembly is Democracy, Sovereignty, Equality. The motto of the Police is Service and Protection. The Army is Kamao. Faith, Piety, Jihad for the Sake of Allah. 
 It is said, “Faqkam bin al-nas bakht” means make decisions of the people on the basis of justice.  The Election Commission is “elections, free, fair, impartial. Pakistan’s customs work is” honesty, competence, ethics “.  Punjab Police Commito is service and protection.  Punjab Police has also opened service centers and service counters in every district.  
Sindh Police Kamano is striving for service. Balochistan Police’s Mao is “Amr Bal Ma’ruf Nahi An Al-Munkar”.  PIA Kamao is “perfect people, great flight.” All is well. Intention is good, goals are lofty, but ungrateful people are constantly in the habit of snatching. Every political party wants to be empowered only and only for that.  In order to make the lives of the people prosperous and happy. Respect goes beyond personal and organizational interests and is dedicated to the service of one’s neighborhood, city, city, community, class and sect.  The juice of selflessness is dripping from the hairs. But there are problems that are getting worse and worse. Forgetful people are coming and going from day to day. However, no one is ready to back down. 
He wants the one in front to be behind.  Some are willing to change themselves when the opponent does not change himself. No one is willing to admit a mistake because it is not my fault. Even if it falls, it is an arrow. No one is willing to confess because confession is disrespectful.  They are ready to take the initiative to respect others because everyone’s ambition is the highest. Some are ready to chest because they are already practicing (ideal)  The answer is less than in Nigeria.  If there are six street crimes in Karachi, it is said that they are less than the previous ones. Have you seen the latest crime in New York?  
There are piles of dirt in Karachi. If you are ready to take any responsibility, it is said that you did not go to India. They are even dirtier than us.  If the media is being strangled, then heaven is an example of why you look to the west.  Thankfully Pakistan has more independence than Egypt, Central Asia and Gulf countries. Why is Pakistan’s economy jammed and why is Bangladesh ahead of us?  Hey sir don’t give the example of Bangladesh. 
 If the western countries stop buying tailor-made clothes, then the Bangladeshi economy will fall from Haram in a week, but why are Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey and Korea ahead of us when they were behind us sixty years ago?  Hey Mian, you are also doing great, we are facing so much terrorism, even foreign conspiracies. If any of them were facing the country, Nani would be remembered.  
We cannot give the example of the West, China and Japan because it is said that you have come out of the paradise of fools.  In a Third World country, the examples of the West do not apply to us.  Much of the energy is spent on silencing and justifying the front rather than solving the problem.  If half the energy had been expended in confronting the truth and then formulating a strategy and acting on it, I would not have had to talk like this today.  In fact, we should believe that when we do not want to make progress, why are we being forced to make progress again and again.  If he doesn’t like fat, then how can this work be his death? ”  Click on bbcurdu.com to read Wasatullah Khan’s other columns and articles)

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