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For many centuries, the question of the original author of Homer’s poems has been debated. That is, when, where, and how were these poems written by Eled and Odysseus? And the Odyssey was written by a single person? Or two people each wrote a poem? Maybe there was no one by the name of Ho Mar? And that both poems were composed slowly or several poems by different poets. Have these two poems been combined? Scholars have researched these issues for years and do not agree with each other.

After all, how can a person who is not a scholar of classical literature know what the answers to these questions are? I myself am not aware of their answers. So we have to decide whether to be on this list. What should be the status? I have made the following assumptions.
The first assumption is that the original author of Allied is in fact the same. (Clearly, it is better to assume that a council of poets should be assumed.)

Before Ho Mursa, several short poems on the same subject were written by various Greek poets. Ho Marne borrowed a lot from his work, but Ho Marne organized and managed Allied, rewrote them and added In finalizing this poem, he inserted his rare J. Harr. Whoever died created this literary masterpiece. He was probably present in the eighth century BC, although several other histories in this regard are generally ancient. Have been made.

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I have also made the assumption that the same person is also the author of the Odyssey. In fact, the similarities between the two poems are much less than their differences. Of course, there are no biographies related to this
According to a strong ancient legend, “which belongs to ancient Greece” Ho was dead blind. So we show the amazing visual imagination in these two poems that although Ho was dead he was not always like that.

It is known from the language of Homer that Homer belonged to “Ionia”. This is an area on the east coast of the Aegean Sea.

Although it is difficult to believe that poems composed in such a long and careful manner can be created without being written, most of us scholars agree that they were created primarily and probably entirely orally. It is not known, however, when these poems were first written in the Code of Conduct. Given its length (it consists of about 28,000 poems), it is conceivable that little of their actual creation After a while it was possible to transfer to another with proper accuracy.

By the sixth century BC, however, both poems were considered great classical literature, while Homer’s biographical data had been lost. That is, in all the medieval centuries and in spite of all the literary changes that appeared in later literature, Homer’s popularity did not change.
In view of Homer’s great popularity and prestige, I have hesitantly ranked him on this list. I did so for the same reason that I ranked other literary and artistic figures relatively low. In the case of Homer, the distinction between his reputation and influence is particularly wide, although his poems are often read in schools.

In today’s world, very few people want to read it again after graduating from school or college. It is interesting to compare Shakespeare to ‘whose poems and plays are read and plays are often played on stage’. Although Homer is not as popular as Barmer’s writings, he is seldom heard in public today.

This is an important point about Shakespeare, and here he is also compared to authors such as Benjamin Franklin and Omar Khayal. A popular common phrase is “a penny.” It has an impact on human character and political attitudes and decisions. In addition, no Homer’s motto is popular today.

So why is Homer included in this book? There are two reasons for this. The first reason is that the number of people who have been growing over the centuries is very high who have read Homer’s poems. Homer’s poems were far more popular than they are today. The Greek public was also familiar with his writings. He influenced religious and moral attitudes for a long time.

The Odyssey and Allied were popular not only among literary intellectuals but also among military and political leaders. Many ancient Roman leaders quoted Homer as saying that Alexander the Great kept one of Allied’s early campaigns with him. While most of us have read his writings on school days. But more importantly, Homer has had an impact on literature.

All the classical Greek poets and playwrights were greatly influenced by Homer. So Focliner, Euripides, and Aristotle (to name just a few) were men of Homer’s tradition. Everyone called his poetry the standard of greatness. Virgil, one of the greatest Roman writers, wrote his motto, “Aeneid,” and arranged it on the pattern of the Allied and Odyssey.

Even in modern times, all the major authors were either influenced by Homer or influenced by authors such as Virgil or Sophocleaner, who were themselves influenced by Homer. The influence of any other author in history is so far-reaching and pervasive. The last thing is more important than ever. It is possible that Tolstoy was read more often than Homer in the past, but in the last twenty-six centuries, the effects of Tolstoy were non-existent. It is more than seven hundred years. It is indeed a long period. The second example of this we do not see in any other literary figure or any person in the field of human struggle.