Histoy of Cai Lun

 Cai Lun

Histoy of Cai Lun
Histoy of Cai Lun
The name of the paper’s leading tasai loan is not known to most readers. We don’t know much about the life of Tsai Lon. Chinese historical documents show that he was a machinist. We also learned that King Tsai was very pleased with the invention of the Lon. Later he got involved in the conspiracy of the royal palace. Chinese documents also say that as punishment for his crime, he bathed, wore a fine dress, and had a drink.
In the second century Ce., paper usage became common in China. In the next few centuries, China began to produce paper and export it to different regions of Asia. For a long time, they kept the paper making recipe secret.
In 751 some paper makers came to the Chinese Arabs’ ass.
Then, a little later, the paper was produced in Samarkand and Baghdad. Papermaking coffins gradually spread throughout the Arab world.
In the 12th century, European nations learned this art from Arabs. The use of paper also increased gradually. When Gutenberg invented the printing press, the paper replaced the paper with the original material of writing in Europe. Today the paper has become so common that we do not think it is a disobedient one. Now it is difficult to imagine what the world was without paper. In China, before the Tasai Loan, most of the books were written on bamboo wood.
Obviously, such books were very expensive and unsophisticated. Some books were written on silk cloth, but it was very expensive for general use.
In the West, most books were written on leather paper or leather-sand. Which was specially prepared with the skin of the wolf calf. It was replaced by the “Peppers” paper, which was inspired by Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians.
Both these cherries and paper papers were not only deficient, but their preparation was not possible without a big cost. Today, books and other writing papers are easily prepared at a price and in large numbers, which is mostly due to the existence of paper. True, if the printing box had not been invented, the paper would not have been so valuable today, but there is no doubt that if there was no such valuable and abundant paper for printing, the printing press would never have been able to maintain its existing utility.
So the problem is, who should be given more status? Tsai Lon Koyagutenberg. Although My opinion is that both are equally important, I have counted the Tsai Loan. Is it appropriate to include Tsai Lon and Gutenberg among the ten most influential personalities? To make a strong sense of the utility of inventions like paper and printing, it is important to keep the cultural development of china-west relevant to them in mind.
From the second century AD, the first Chinese culture was less developed than it was. During the next century, the pace of Chinese growth was much more than in Europe. In the space of about seven or eight centuries, Chinese culture became the most developed civilization in the world in many ways. After 15th century Western Europe gained over China. There are many different theories about these changes, but most of these theories ignore the idea, which I think is the simplest.
The invention of the Tsai Loan paper changed the whole situation. Chinese cultural development accelerated with the presence of proper paper to write.
In just a few centuries it moved beyond the West. After the paper was started, Western nations corrected their position in the competition with China and put the cultural gap on the scale. Markopolos writings confirm that China was much more favorable in the 13th century than in the West.
After all, how did China fall down against the West? It has many complex cultural explanations, but technical progress is perhaps the simplest reason. In the 15th century, Gutenberg, a European man, invented the method of mass publication of books. Later, the cultural development of Europe was all but over. China had no Gutenberg.
He was confined to the printing of templates and by that proportion his civilization was slow. If the above analysis is accepted, we will conclude that Tsai Lon and Johann Gutenberg were two of the most important figures in human history. The location and time of the Tsai Loan is higher than other things for a few reasons. Most inventions were a result of their time.
They must be born in the same way that they would never have been born. But in terms of paper, it is different.
In Europe, after a thousand years of the Tsai Loan, the paper began to be used. He was also introduced by the Arabs. That is why, despite being introduced to the Chinese paper, other Asian nations do not pass the secret of its preparation. Obviously, the process of preparing such paper was very difficult, its discovery was not a death of a well-developed civilization, but a person of godly talent. Tsai Lon was such a personality. His papermaking methodology was based on the same basic class that had always been in use.

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