Happy September 6th

Happy September 6th

September 6, 1965, is a memorable and inspiring day in the history of Pakistan. This day is also called Pakistan Defense Day. On that day, Indian forces crossed the international border and killed Lahore and Sialkot at night. The Indian government thought that their forces would capture Lahore within 72 hours and celebrate the victory at the Lahore Gymnasium. The brave forces and proud people of Pakistan did not allow this dream of India to come true. Aziz Bhatti Shaheed, the proud grandson of Pakistan, fought the Indian army with the soldiers and did not allow him to cross the BRB canal.

The roar of the Pakistani army’s artillery made a fatal mistake of the Indian soldiers. According to a book by the Indian General, when the commander of the Indian army approached the Wagah border, he saw that the commander in charge of the Indian army had left his burning jeep and fled, hiding in a field to save his life.

Another proud protagonist of Pakistan, Pakistan Air Force Squadron Leader MM Alam shot down five Indian Air Force fighter jets and set a world record. This excellent performance broke the back of the Indian Air Force.

Pak Army soldiers fought a historic battle of tanks on the Chonda Sialkot front and repulsed the Indian forces. Today, the entire nation remembers the martyrs and conquerors of 1965 with great pride and joy. People saw the unparalleled national spirit of the 1965 war with their own eyes and they still remember it with great love.

If the Pakistani nation is once again dedicated to the spirit of 1965, then Pakistan can become a great country of the world. Happy September 6th Ministry of Education announces end to weekends in all federal educational institutions.

When the Indian army suddenly invaded Pakistan, the then ruler General Ayub Khan in his address to the nation said in a strong and confident voice, “100 million people of Pakistan whose hearts are La ilaha illa Allah Muhammad Rasoolullah.” Beating with We will not leave China until the Indian artillery is silenced forever.

The Indian rulers do not know which nation they have challenged and which nation they belong to. The entire Pakistani nation will fight till the last breath for its faith and just right. ” Kept postponing the issue. The Pakistan Army tried to assert its rights through military force.

India attacked Pakistan ignoring international norms. There are many fond memories associated with September 6th. Pakistani poets wrote national anthems and singers adapted them to music and sound to create excitement throughout the nation.

The songs and chants of Queen Tarun Noor Jahan and other singers and musicians created new enthusiasm among the entire nation and the soldiers of the Pakistan Army.

These national anthems and songs still create passion and enthusiasm in the nation today. Key steps of the Punjab Finance Department O stylish young men of the homeland My songs are for you Fellow Mujahideen, the whole country is awake Waving the banner of monotheism is now the time of martyrdom Is Allah Akbar?

My drum soldiers keep the three lords
War is not a game given to women
I remember studying at Government College Lahore University in 1965. Some friends decided that we would go to the Wagah border and fight with our soldiers. When we reached Wagah Border, the Pak Army men were very happy to see us. “I need your support and trust,” he said.

Protecting the borders is our national responsibility which we will fulfil in any case even if we have to sacrifice our lives for it. The people of Lahore reached the Wagah border with lots of food.

When Indian planes landed in Lahore, Zinda Dalan Lahore would stand on the roofs of their houses and chant slogans in favour of Pakistan Air Force hawks. September 6, 1965, is a day of renewed commitment for us. Today we must pledge that we will remain loyal to Pakistan in all circumstances and become a united and strong nation and stand with the Pakistani forces like a leaden wall.

The Pakistan Army should pay full attention to its professional responsibilities and refrain from interfering in politics and government. A unique and authoritative book based on serious research

“Iqbal and Karl Marx’s Ideological Proximity” has come to the market, the author of which is Ms Asiya Mir. In his book, he examines the thought and philosophy of Allama Iqbal and Karl Marx in the light of evolutionary and objective conditions in the context of history.

In his opinion, both Iqbal and Marx were opposed to capitalism. Happy September 6th History testifies that the views of both thinkers were correct. Today, the ugly face of capitalism has been completely exposed and powerful voices are being raised against this system globally. The people of the world are looking for a system based on justice and equality.

In this book, the philosophy of Allama Iqbal and Karl Marx is presented in a simple and easy to understand way which is very easy to understand. If the Urdu poems of the Persian poems and English quotations included in the book were also included, the scope of understanding would have been widened.

Undoubtedly, this book is a unique book on the explanation and understanding of Marxism for which Ms Asiya Mir deserves tribute. She claims that the writings of both great thinkers and philosophers are still a beacon for us in the light of which we Political and economic stability can be achieved by creating a just political and economic system.

The price of this book is Rs. 170 which has been beautifully published by National Book Foundation Islamabad.


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