Equalise education

 Equalise education

Knowledge always reigns over civilized nations as they prioritize it as well as establish equal education system in the society as education is the protector of generations but the situation is different in our country a society which is already divided into different classes. There are different types of education systems that create more social distances. In each of our provinces there is a different education system, as well as the rich and poor education system is the difference between day and night in Pakistan always before coming to power equal education The slogan of the system is common but the reality is the opposite which gives birth to different sections of the society


In Pakistan, the difference between Matriculation, Agha Board, Madrasa, Cambridge Board and then urban and rural education is the difference between different classes. With the curriculum of all these boards being different, there is also a big difference in the quality of education due to which Young people are also suffering from a sense of inferiority. Due to inequality in the education system, a large number of young people are facing difficulties in getting jobs and only a certain class is ahead because of their better quality.


In our country, just as there is politics on every issue, there are different and different opinions on the same education system, but time is needed to unite. Just a few days ago, the statement of the Federal Minister of Education Shafqat Mahmood that the provinces Cooperation on the issue of uniform education system, if implemented, is a welcome thing, because equality eliminates inequality and civilized nations put education issues above politics.


If there is a uniform education system in the country, it will create a united mindset, eliminate discrimination, create equal opportunities for development, and find employment. can be united and can contribute to the growth of travel to political rivalries, keep the ego and malice side should think about the safety of your children and the future of the country should make possible to achieve the same education


world In the developed countries of the country, the same education system is prevalent due to which every individual of the nation plays an important role in development. We should also create an atmosphere of equality by implementing a uniform education system in the society.