English notes for class 9

English notes for class 9
English notes for class 9
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  2. Adam jee English notes for class 9
  3. 9th class English notes pdf
  4. 9th English notes
  5. English notes for class 9
  6. 9th class English notes
  1. The Arabs possessed a remarkable memory and were eloquent people. Their eloquence and memory found expression in their poetry. Every year a fair was held for poetical competitions Ukaz. It is narrated that Hammad said to Caliph Walid bin Yazid: “I can recite to you, for each letter of the alphabet, one hundred long poems, without taking into account short pieces, and all of that composed exclusively by poets before the promulgation of Islam.” It is no small wonder that Allah Almighty chose the Arabic language for His final dispensation and the preservation of His word. 9th Notes
  2. The period of waiting had come to a close. His heart was overflowing with profound compassion for humanity. He had a pressing urge to eradicate wrong beliefs, social evils, cruelty and injustice. The moment had arrived when he was to be bestowed with prophet-hood. One day, when he was in the cave of Hira, Hazrat Jabril (came and conveyed to him the following message of Allah Almighty…
  3.  Since this belief was threatening their dominance in the society, the pagan Arabs started to mount pressure on the Holy Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم (and his followers. They wanted them to renounce their cause and take to idol-worshipping. On one occasion, they sent a delegation to the Holy Prophet’s (صلى الله عليه وسلم (kind and caring uncle, Abu Talib. They told him to restrain the Holy Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم (from preaching Allah Almighty’s message or face their enmity. Finding himself in a dilemma, he sent for his nephew and explained to him the situation.
  4. Patriotism means love for the motherland or devotion to one’s country. A patriot loves his country and is willing to sacrifice when the need arises. The word patriot comes from the Latin word ‘patriotic’ which means countryman. It is considered a commendable quality.
  5. The spirit of patriotism makes us stay alert in the wake of foreign invasion. In the history of Pakistan, there are many instances when people laid their lives for the defence of the country. In the wars of 1965, 1971 and the Kargil War, many brave soldiers gave their lives in an attempt to protect the homeland. Captain Muhammad Sarwar, Major Tufail Muhammad, Major Azia Bhatti, Pilot officer Rashid Minhas, Major Muhammad Akram, Major Shabbir Shaheed, Captain Karnal Sher Khan and Havaldar Lalak Jan – all embraced martyrdom while fighting bravely for their motherland.
  6. Media helps people to share knowledge of the world. Their feelings and opinions are expressed through it. Media attracts the attention of a very large audience. Have you noticed that the first thing we do soon after entering the house if to switch on the television?
  7. There are two means of communication, electronic media and print media. The media includes film, radio, television, internet, books, magazines and newspapers. It provides us with information as well as entertainment.
  8. The preparation of this journey was made at the house of Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique (ہنع اہلل ریض .( Hazrat Asma (اہنع اہلل ریض (rendered useful services in this regard. She prepared food for this journey. She tied the food on the camelback with her own belt as nothing else could be found. For this service, she was given the title of Zaat-un-Nataqin by the Holy Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم.(
  9. This response shows the wisdom and courage of Hazrat Asma.(She didn’t make a statement that would give him a clue. She simply posed a counter-question that infuriated Abu Jehl. 42 He slapped Hazrat Asma’s (اہنع اہلل ریض (face so hard that her earring fell off but she remained steadfast and did not reveal the secret.

English notes for class 9
English notes for class 9
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English notes for class 9
English notes for class 9
English notes for class 9
English notes for class 9
English notes for class 9
English notes for class 9

English Notes for Class 9 PDF

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