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English Class I-XII KPK Textbook PDF downalod

In the current context, English is the language of international communication, higher education and better career options. Therefore, it should reach out to the people so that there is no discrimination between the rich and the poor in terms of personal, professional and economic development opportunities in Pakistan.

With this approach, the teaching of English has been introduced as a language from grade one and will be used as a medium of instruction in various curricula. At the same time, the widespread dissemination of the English language through the media endorses the practice of revising the existing curriculum, as well as improving the quality of English language teaching and learning across the country. New textbooks and assessment strategies are also being developed.

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The purpose of the new curriculum is to provide students with comprehensive opportunities for language development and to equip them with skills in using the English language for communication in educational and social contexts, while enabling them to learn spontaneously and throughout life. To enable better adaptation with local people changing. And for global society, and for the advancement of knowledge.

The current national curriculum for Grade 1-X11 has been prepared after detailed discussions with relevant stakeholders, including selected language experts from all provinces of Pakistan. It is hoped that this curriculum document will serve as a point of view for all those involved in the process of teaching and learning English in Pakistan.

1.1: Philosophy Statement For the majority of Pakistani students, learning English is hardly a conscious process. Learners have some opportunities to absorb the environment through language in order to gain a natural sense of context in a variety of contexts using appropriate linguistic structures, words and styles, both in educational and social environments. Therefore, it is not the students who lack the ability to learn but the overall educational setting that needs to be developed.

Therefore, learners will have to be provided with formal opportunities to learn the language in the curriculum through a curriculum and organized curriculum. The current curriculum aims to serve as a guide for teachers, learners, textbook developers, evaluators and all other users. It is recognized that educational settings also vary greatly in terms of teachers ‘background and English proficiency, students’ backgrounds and opportunities for English exposure and/or English use in the outdoor classroom in the context of school and classroom. Are As such, the resources available for teaching and learning English. However, it is hoped that the qualifications and standards outlined in this curriculum will provide a roadmap for the development of both human and financial resources in schools.

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