DAE Annual Examination 2018 Revised New Course

 DAE Annual Examination 2018 1st 2nd & 3rd Years 

Khyber PakhtunKhwa Board of Technical Education Peshawar 

Diploma of Associate Engineer  

Annual Examination 2018  

1st Year Architecture Technology 

(Revised New Course)  

Paper: – Building Material & Construction (ARCH-133) 

Question No.1 is compulsory It should be attempted on the question paper & returned
Within first 30 minutes. Cutting, Erasing, overwriting & use of pencil is not allowed. 

Q.1: –                Fill in the Blanks.

i. A good brick should not break when dropped from a height of meter .

ii.             The burning of bricks in permanent Kilns is completed within days.

iii.           Marble is obtained from

iv.       Heavy stone is suitable for

v.        Size of fine aggregate is_________ mm.

vi.       When dry sand is moisture, it increase its volume, this is called

vii.     Concrete in which steel bars are used is called

viii.               Concrete ratio generally adopted for ordinary beams and slabs

ix.                   Cast iron, wrought iron and steel, which are generally called as metals.

x.                     Mild steel contains less than               % Carbon.

xi.          Pigment is a chief ingredient of

xii.        The liquid part of the paint is called

xiii.       First layer of plastering is called as

xiv.       Wood used for building purposes is called

1st Year

Building%2BMaterial%2B%2526%2BConstruction 2
Building%2BMaterial%2B%2526%2BConstruction 1

2nd years

Building%2BMaterial%2B%2526%2BConstruction%2B2nd%2BYears 1

Building%2BMaterial%2B%2526%2BConstruction%2B2nd%2BYears 2

3rd years

Building%2BMaterials%2B%2526%2BConstruction%2B%2B3rd%2BYears 1

Building%2BMaterials%2B%2526%2BConstruction%2B%2B3rd%2BYears 2

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