Computer Education VI-VIII KPK Textbook boards pdf

Computer Education VI-VIII KPK Textbook boards pdf The National Curriculum for Computer Education (Applied Technology) consists of three standards which serve to define the skills and knowledge to be acquired by every student of grade-level VI-VIII. The benchmarks, thereafter, serve as a guide indicating how competencies are to be attained in order to meet the standards. They provide indicators of expectations from students at the completion of the said grade level.


Upon completion of grade eight, all students will:

  • Know how computers work.
  • Be comfortable using keyboards and other input and output devices.
  • Have the knowledge and ability to use computers and technology efficiently.
  • Have the ability to access the Internet in order to exchange and retrieve information.
  • Identify ways to safeguard against computer threats and viruses.


The students are expected to:

  • 1-1. Recognize hardware components.
  • 1-2. Use proper terminology appropriate to the task.
  • 1-3. Use a variety of peripherals appropriate to the task.
  • 1-4. Use proper keyboarding techniques to reach an appropriate level of proficiency. 1-5. Use the Windows operating system.
  • 1-6. Select and deploy appropriate software for a defined task.
  • 1-7. Communicate information in different formats.
  • 1-8. Use the Internet and e-mail.
  • 1-9. Discuss common uses of technology in daily life.

Computer Education VI-VIII KPK Textbook boards pdf