Chaudhry Rehmat Ali

Chaudhry Rehmat Ali 

Chaudhry Rehmat Ali
This was the day on November 16 when Chaudhry Rehmat Ali came into this world. Today is his birthday.

Not on what basis this country was created. This kind of action from the heirs of the Muslim League is not only a surprise but also a shame for them.

They were not even asking for freedom but were chanting the slogan of Hindu-Muslim brotherhood. I want to say that the first creator of the two national ideology was Chaudhry Rehmat Ali. I do not deny myself at all, but the rightful owner should have a right to a receipt. If this is not fully accepted, then I demand that he be considered a co-artist of Pakistan. 

Forty years ago today, there were supplements about Hazrat Chaudhry Rehmat Ali in the national newspapers of Pakistan and he was considered as a national hero. Marwar Ayam put this national hero behind the push. Muslims wanted to see the form of the state that Bangladesh proposed. He realized that this would be an unnatural demand, so he spelt Pakistan from Punjab to Punjab, from Afghanistan to NWFP, from Kashmir to Sindh and from Balochistan. He wanted to see Hyderabad as a separate state.

Creator of And thirdly, the Gujjars inspired him so much that he is now seen as the leader of the Gujjars only. Before writing these three tragedies, I would like to inform you that Mr Chaudhry distributed numerous pamphlet handbills during his stay in Cambridge. The members of the British Parliament were fully aware of his demand. He also observed a fast and demanded Pakistan to such an extent that it was discussed in the Joint Committee of Parliament. In July, Chaudhry Rehmat Ali issued a new pamphlet from a different address in Cambridge. 

Here he introduced himself as the President of the Pakistan National Movement and demanded a very interesting and convincing argument that If Burma is liberated then why Pakistan is not liberated. Seeker of history If he had spoken of Gujarat, I would like to request the people of the community, since Chaudhry Rehmat Ali was the first creator of the two-nation ideology, to share this responsibility with every Pakistani for God’s sake. Even today, after the demise of Mamoun Jan, those who came home demanded that the body of Chaudhry Sahib Khaki is brought to Pakistan and that he be promoted to the rank of the national hero. 

The question remains and that is when Chaudhry Sahib What happened to him when he came to Cambridge and what was done to him when he arrived in Pakistan. There is no doubt that he wanted a huge migration and wanted to take the whole of Kashmir. He thought that the British wanted justice. Let’s sit down and talk and tell them why we want to take Kashmir and why complete independence. There was no reason why Pakistan would be a stable Pakistan that would stay away from geographical difficulties for centuries. Quaid-e-Azam was ill

This is what happened later, the Pakistani mission paid the expenses and thus a benefactor of the Pakistani nation in Diyar Farang is still waiting for someone to take him from here and bury him in the dust of the country for which he fought. Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain, a former Prime Minister of Pakistan, made arrangements on the mysteries of Senator Tariq Azeem and Mehban Rehmat Ali sitting in London so that they could have peace of mind.

This is a media house that had an objection to it, which talks about Islam and the ideology of Pakistan but does not allow its true name to be taken. However, the lamp has gone out and no one has.

Just a request from our Gujarat friends to run a good political shop but showing sincerity sometimes restore the constitutional identity of Chaudhry Sahib in the assembly and declare him a co-ideologue of Pakistan. If so, I will definitely give it

If the body of Jamaluddin Afghani has been found after some time, then Chaudhry Sahib will also come. The heirs sitting in the assemblies of Pakistan, Chaudhry Rehmat Ali, should do something. I celebrate his days in Jeddah every year. He used to recite speeches about them. Let him still do programs in the name of Mehban Chaudhry Rehmat Ali.

 At the end of the column, after paying homage to Hakim Mashriq, I would like to request from the great literature that in view of the services of Chaudhry Rehmat Ali, he should be recognized as the co-creator of the ideology of Pakistan and his body should be brought to Pakistan with literature and respect. He was buried in Abadas if Karachi was the residence of Quaid-e-Azam, Lahore was the residence of Iqbal and Islamabad was the residence of Chaudhry Rehmat Ali. Happy Birthday to the nation.