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According to the FBiSE syllabus, all classes, and all chapters FBISE notes, Class 10th Notes, Class 11th Notes,  and class 12th Notes. Include Past Papers, solved exercises, review questions, MCQs, keyboard questions, and chapter reviews.

Fbise Class 9th English Notes

English Fbise Class 10th Notes for all chapters

FBISE Class 11th all chapters English Notes

  1. English notes class 11 federal board Chapter 1 to 22
  2. Federal Class 11 English Chapter 22 Progress
  3. Federal Class 11 English Chapter 21 The Road Not Taken
  4. Federal Class 11 English Chapter 20 How to Take a Job Interview
  5. Fbise English Chapter 19 Drug Abuse in Youth of Pakistan
  6. Fbise 11th English Notes Chapter 18 A Dream Within a Dream
  7. English Fbise Class 11th Notes Chapter 17
  8. Chapter 16 Fbise Class 11 Notes School Vs Education
  9. Federal G11 English Chapter 15 University Days
  10. Fbise Class 11 Notes Chapter 14 A Long Walk Home
  11. English Chapter 13 Ozymandias Fbise 
  12. 11th Notes for English  Chapter 12 The Blanket
  13. Class 11 English Notes for FBISE Chapter 11
  14. Federal Board 11th Class English Notes Chapter 10 The World Is Too Much With Us
  15. English Chapter 9 The White Lamb
  16. Federal G11 English Chapter 8 Wasteland
  17. Class 11 English Notes Free Download FBISE Chapter 7 Choice of Career
  18. English Subject 11th Class F.Sc Part 1 Note English Chapter 6 Mother to Son
  19. Federal G11 English Chapter 5 It’s Country For Me
  20. Federal G11 English Chapter 4 From Mother With Love
  21. Federal G11 English Chapter 3 Good Timber
  22. Federal G11 English Chapter 1 Responsibilities of the Youth
  23. Federal English Notes Chapter 2 Class 11th His First Flight

Fbise Class 12th English Notes for All chapters

Fbise Class 9th Past Papers all subject

FBISE 9th past papers last few years question 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020 Class 11th for all subject.  
Federal G11 English Chapter 22 Progress

Federal G11 English Chapter 22 Progress

Federal G11 English Chapter 22 Progress Class 11 English Notes for FBISE includes solved exercises, questions, MCQs, important questions, grammar, Writing, and...

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