Best 25 Teachers day card

Best 25 Teachers day card

Your number is included in the list of teachers. The choice of position and rank depends on the grace of Allah Almighty. He is rewarded as much as he wants.

If you remain sincere in your profession, then according to the eternal principles of Allah Almighty, your Iqbal will also rise, InshaAllah.

In our lives, the status of teachers is in no way inferior to that of parents. Even today, if we see our teachers, we still consider it our first duty to stand in their honor

Of course, only those who know how to respect their teachers can hold the pearl of knowledge in their footsteps.
Today, I sincerely greet my teachers who taught me to hold a pen. They taught me to distinguish between good and bad.

Of course, after parents, it is the teachers who give us a second life.

Our teachers not only impart unselfish knowledge but also guide us at every step of our lives. Our teachers have dedicated to the awareness and enlightenment would students like you my whole life.

Of course, the definition of a teacher is not limited to the person who teaches you a subject, but every person who guides and trains you in your life is also your benefactor and teacher.
In the occasion of Teachers Day due to his guidance, hard work and sincerity that I am deeply grateful to my dear teachers, I found my identity in the world.

October 5 is celebrated globally as Teachers’ Day. It aims to highlight the role of teachers and teach students respect and obedience to teachers. This important day has been celebrated under the auspices of the United Nations since 1994.

There was a time when the student was completely dependent on his teacher and the teacher had an ideal relationship with his student. Where he used to teach his students the textbooks, he was also quietly teaching them literature and respect through his movements and prayers. He used to get up at night and pray for his students. He treated them with sympathy and compassion.

And even today, when old teachers see their students at a high place, they rejoice and thank their real Creator that our hard work has paid off. Those teachers gave the status of children to their students and the students also gave respect to the teachers by giving them the status of parents. Thus there was a relationship of literature and respect and compassion and love in the form of discipleship. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: There are three types of parents.

The one who caused the birth.
The one who taught, that is, the teacher.
The one who gave you his daughter, the mother-in-law.
But as science progressed and new inventions emerged, students began to learn from these inventions and electronic media on their own.

The need for parents or teachers began to diminish. On the other hand, materialism also interfered in the environment and teachers, due to some of their actions and dispositions, injured their own character and when they took to the streets like lawyers and doctors to enforce their demands, a question arose about their role. International organizations were then forced to think of celebrating International Teachers’ Day and urging them to uphold and honor their status.

There was a time when in a high court when a teacher appeared as an accused, the judge left his chair and stood up and said that this is the person whose education and training has brought me to this place and also my nation. Delivered to this location.

Well known columnist and author Ashfaq Ahmed has written in his book Zawiyah that I got a traffic challan during my stay in Rome. I was punished for coming 12 which I could not submit on time. So I had to go to court. During the question, the judge asked, “What do you do?” You replied with embarrassment that I am a teacher. It was heard that the judge stood up from his chair and said loudly

Teacher in the court

That there is a teacher in the court, everyone should respectfully stand up from their chairs. Ashfaq Ahmed writes that then the judge said that you are a teacher and today we are judges thanks to your teachers. I am sorry that you have to pay the challan keeping in view the requirements of justice because it is your fault but I am very ashamed of you. After that, the judge and all the staff of the court came to leave Ashfaq Ahmed in the car.

In the old days kings also highly valued themselves and some of their children’s teachers. When Alexander the Great was asked about the reason for his teacher’s great respect, he replied, “My father brought me from heaven to earth, while my teacher, Aristotle, took me from earth to heaven.” My father led me to a life that is mortal, but according to my teacher, life is eternal, and my father nurtured my body, and my teacher took care of my soul.

 teachers day card

Best 25 Teachers day card
Best 25 Teachers day card
Best 25 Teachers day card
Best 25 Teachers day card
Best 25 Teachers day card
Best 25 Teachers day card

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