Baidu launches new tools, SEO implementation of hierarchical websites

Baidu has introduced a new tool that measures many aspects of a website, including the extent to which it follows SEO best practices.

The new tool is currently in public beta and can be found on is designed to help developers and website owners apply modern web features by providing analysis and advice.

Baidu said that this tool is the culmination of more than 10 years of learning user needs.

“As standards for high-quality experiences continue to increase, users will soon lose an unrealizable network experience. Then they left.

However, we believe that the network now has the ability to overcome this challenge – providing the best experience for all users, no matter where they are. “

To help website owners provide the best experience for users, reviews SEO, performance, accessibility, and more.

The tool looks for:

Performance: Audit the first metrics such as drawing and interaction time to determine lag.PWA: Evaluate your page based on the baseline Progressive Web App Checklist. Best Practices: Find everything from HTTPS usage to the correct image aspect ratio. SOO: Check most Good practice ensures that your website is discoverable. Accessibility: Check for common issues that might prevent users from accessing your content.
Just enter the URL to measure any site. This is after measuring the search engine journal: what it looks like after

Below the section shown in this example is a list of suggested improvements.

It is recommended to list by the extent to which it affects the site. This avoids guessing priorities.

You can also download detailed reports that provide further guidance on how to improve your site in each area.

The report is generated daily. Therefore, if the recommendation is implemented immediately, it may not be reflected in the report until the next day.

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