Baidu explains when JavaScript is not important to SEO

Baidu & rsquo; s Martin Splitt continues his JavaScript SEO video series, explaining when JavaScript is worth worrying about.

He also identified the use of JavaScript that is not worth worrying about.

Regarding SEO, it is not always necessary to pay attention to JavaScript.

As Sprat explained, they only pay attention to them when they “use” JavaScript sites. “

What is a JavaScript website?
Websites that use JavaScript are not always eligible to become “JavaScript sites.”

If you can view all the main content without loading JavaScript, you don’t have to worry.

On the other hand, if JavaScript is required to display key content, then you will be working with a “JavaScript website.”

Another type of JS site is a single-page application, which typically consists of a shell with various views that display different content.

If you’ve used Instagram on your mobile browser, you’ve already seen a good example of a one-page app.

When Instagram loads in a mobile browser, the header and footer are static, and JavaScript is used to get and display the main content.

JavaScript frameworks such as Angular and React are also part of the single-page application.

When is JavaScript related to SEO?
When used to dynamically load or modify key content, JavaScript is related to SEO.

Ideally, the Baidu bot should be able to see everything on the page, including the parts that are dynamically added using JavaScript.

So if you can view the page source and see all the key content, then JavaScript has nothing to do with the SEO in that instance.

If you only see something in the page source, it will be indexed during the first wave of indexing.

Content that needs to be rendered using JavaScript will be indexed in the second wave.

Splitt explained the two-wave index of JavaScript content in his previous video.

In the next episode, Splitt will detail how to improve JavaScript rendering during the second wave of indexing.

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