Abu al-Nasr al-Farabi

Abu Nasr al-Farabi’s real name was Muhammad and his surname was Abu al-Nasr.  Farabi was born in 870 AD in the Farb district of Turkey.  That is why you are called Farabi.
Early life was spent in extreme poverty and hardship, but in spite of poverty and hardship he did not give up, never let him overpower his academic passion. From the beginning he was fond of reading.
One day Farabi was studying when the lamp went out due to running out of oil.  The financial situation of the house was not such that the lamp was lit again, but your passion did not allow you to stay.  You let me read in the light of your lantern. The watchman saw the love of knowledge and the watchman let me read.  
The next day something like this happened and the watchman refused, but Farabi insisted that I would not bother you, I would keep following you.  The watchman bought a new lantern and gave it to Farabi for a few days when he saw Farabi’s devotion to reading.
Farabi studied for about 50 years.  Initially, he studied in Farb, then moved to Baghdad.  After learning Arabic, he used translations of books by Greek philosophers.  Farabi showed his knowledge in many subjects such as chemistry, logic, philosophy, physics and music.
You are considered to be the greatest thinker in philosophy and logic after Aristotle.

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