5 Key SEO Considerations When Optimizing News Sites

Some rules of search engine optimization, such as publishing premium content and providing a good user experience, are common.

But not all sites use the same SEO guidelines to thrive.

In particular, news sites value certain elements more than other types of websites.

Here are five best practices you should keep in mind to optimize your news site for search.

1. Build Evergreen content into your method
Think about it, as a news website, your core business model is to write a paper in time.

Ninety-nine percent of the time, when you write an article about a timely topic, your article will inevitably shorten the life cycle.

You’ll see an initial surge in traffic to the article, and over time, the article will start receiving less and less traffic as we age. This is the essence of dealing with news.

Because of this, you are affected by the ups and downs of the news, and in order to keep getting high traffic, you have to keep more news.

But what if you can maintain the integrity of your core news model and add more consistent traffic to your site? If you build Evergreen content, you can.

Evergreen refers to content that is relevant and useful for a long time.

An example of a well-performing new website is Investing.com:

Using the Ahrefs’Top Organic Pages report, you can see that their top 10 pages are at the top of the evergreen funnel category center page. They then post their news under these central sections to create a powerful and relevant experience.

Although they have gained considerable traffic in actual news articles, they are able to establish evergreen opportunities and provide them with more consistent traffic.

2. Make sure your content is displayed in Baidu News
It is a must for Lieutenant to include your content in Baidu News.

First, check out the included content guidelines to make sure your site meets Baidu’s standards. The most well-known news sources have followed these guidelines.

Next, check out the included technical guides to make sure Baidu can crawl your site and find out which of your web news articles.

After all goes well, please submit your website for Baidu approval. You will be able to see if your site has been accepted within three weeks.

Baidu News plays major news stories from the Internet in one place.
Once your site is accepted, continue to work hard to make powerful content.

Baidu News uses many of the same basic search engine optimization principles as natural search.

Industry authority, keyword optimization, uniqueness and social sharing will help you better rank and get more access from Baidu News.

3. Focus on cleaning the building
News sites present a special SEO challenge because they are usually large and growing.

This means that it is important to maintain the most important importance of the site architecture, whether it is to keep your site accessible to readers or to crawl easily for search engines.

Organization is vital. Take a look at the tags and categories you use on the site and ask yourself if they are working for you.

You want to have enough labels and categories for readers to easily find what they are looking for, but are they valuable?

If you have multiple tags, each with only a few articles, you may want to consider integrating content so that each page has enough content.

Another important aspect of the site structure is depth. In other words, how many clicks does it take to access any other page on your site from your homepage? It is ideal to keep this number as low as possible.

Search engines crawl your site by focusing on links from one page to the next, and “shallow” & rdquo; The more likely your site is to index each page. Maintaining the ordering of the marking system will help with this.

Another measure you can take is to improve the structure of your site by adding pagination at the bottom of each page, not just using Next. And the “previous” & rdquo; button. This makes it easier to jump to a specific page without first browsing through other unrelated pages.

4. Mobile availability is critical
Mobile usability is important for any website today, but it is even more important for news sites.

Most Americans consume their news on their mobile phones.

At a minimum, your site should be built with responsive design to make your format suitable for any screen size used by viewers.

You might also want to consider Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), a publishing technology that removes formatting and quickly loads pages for mobile users.

5. Optimize the crawl speed
For news media, you want to quickly crawl and index your pages through Baidu.

Fortunately, there are several SEO factors that can help improve crawling speed, including website speed, hosting performance and XML sitemaps.

However, you cannot treat a news site map as you would any other site map. Baidu has developed some important guiding principles for them.

First, you should only add 1,000 or fewer URLs to your sitemap. Of course, you can include more by splitting the URL into multiple sitemaps, but make sure there are no more than 50,000 sitemaps in the sitemap index file.

You also need to constantly update your news sitemaps as they will be re-released to keep Baidu bots tempted. However, when you post these new article URLs, don’t create a news sitemap for each URL; instead update your existing sitemap.

Your news sitemap contains only the last two days of news, and all articles will remain in the news index for 30 days.

Finally, when you create a sitemap, use a non-Baidu plugin. If you use Baidu Sitemap Generator, it will contain URLs that do not correspond to your specific news articles.

The frequency posted on your site can also have a positive impact on the crawl rate, which makes sense. After all, if a Baidu bot always finds new content on your site every time it is crawled, it will visit your site more often.

However, while it is important to post frequently, you must also ensure that the content is valuable. If you over-publish or post unnecessary content, Baidu bots will waste their valuable crawling budget for those low-value pages, which means your good content may still be invisible.

As a rule of thumb, always use the robots.txt/robots meta to avoid duplicates and block unwanted pages to ensure optimal crawl speed.

The functionality of news sites is slightly different from many other types of websites. Most visitors will attract news sites through short deadlines.

If you keep these guidelines in mind, then you will have a better news site.

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