2nd Year Biology Notes Short Questions Pdf Download

2nd Year Biology Notes Short Questions Pdf Download

Yes, these chapters are the best notes of second year biology for short questions. Brief questions have been taken within the past papers and book text and from the practice of each chapter. That’s why we have more than 100 short questions from each chapter of second year biology.

Class 12th Biology Notes Federal Board and Punjab Board

For all chapters for the Federal Board and Punjab board here are the second year biology notes. All this is in a PDF file of brief questions and answers to the chapter.

Biology Chapter Number 15 Short Question

What do you know about homeostasis?

The protection of internal environment from the harms of fluctuations in external environment is termed as homeostasis.

Define osmoregulation?

The mechanism of regulation, generally between organism and its environment, of solute and the gain and the loss of water is osmoregulation. Or
It is the regulation of water and solutes between organisms and their environment.

How plants are distributed on the basis of osmoregulation?

Plants are distributed in different habitats of aquatic, moderate and severely dry terrestrial nature, thus termed as hydrophytes, mesophytes and xerophytes, respectively.

What are osmoregulators?

In animals whose body fluid concentration differs noticeably with outside environment actively regulate to discharge excess water hypotonic and excrete salts in hypertonic conditions therefore, are called as osmoregulators.

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